By Suhana Keeranthodika

10 Reasons Why Working Mothers Can Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

I always keep saying time and again that most demanding task in the whole world belongs to mothers. Once when a woman becomes a mother regardless of her previous temperament, she is mandated to be a person with lots of patience, abilities, and talents. That is the point when we women know our real potential.

Physical and emotional hurdles she faces never recedes. Every time she anticipates things to be better following years, it becomes more and more challenging. What people see working women doing may be as simple as taking care of the kids, performing household chores, office work, and attend to her spouse and extended family. In reality, matters are more intricate inside. Words may not be enough when a women go through her postnatal depression taking care of her duties for the same people around her who keep ignoring her conditions. And when kids grow up, pre-teens, teens and their complications. Additionally, making husband to household helpers happy all the time.

Thus goes a large list. Whatever, mothers are not quitters! That exactly is the characteristics an entrepreneur needs to start and make a business successful.

Running an enterprise is a lot similar to motherhood; firstly they are non-rewarding. Both require good skill of multitasking. Recently I saw a meme somewhere about mothers recognizing their ability to do every work with one hand and holding the toddler in another! Just like that, If you were to leave your business for a few days, it would apparently be on the edge of failing. The same would happen if you left your home for a few days. Continue reading to learn why entrepreneurship is the right fit for you mothers!


Reasons Why Working Mothers Can Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

1) You have an incredible level of patience

The extent of patience one has is tested when they become parents. Motherhood is beautiful in one angle and horrible in another. First, you expect an angel like baby and it grows wild and then you expect the exact same copy and that may or may not be the same as first. Things are unexpected in each development stages in parenting. Dealing with many kids who have different personalities is a lot to supervise. They quarrel, scream, argue and run around the house constantly. You will maximum try to control your temper. As such, it can be challenging to sustain your calm and not stress out; this is particularly when everything that could go wrong appears together.

This is really the everyday life of an entrepreneur also. You will not know what you are going to face from one day to the next because things are unpredictable here too. One day, you could close a fair deal that produces some revenue for your enterprise. But the next day could be tough, with hardly anyone replying your calls or emails, neglecting you to make stressed about winning your next customer. You have the opportunity to either panic or work toward setting next actions that deliver a good solution. After all, if you allow the state to negatively affect you, your business will be the one suffering.

The best entrepreneurs react rightly to disorder because they are not easily knocked. When crossing the world of business, be adapted for surprises. Your responsibility to the situation directs what the ultimate result will be. As a mother, you understand this all very well, which is why I said you are the perfect one to handle entrepreneurship.

2) You know how to get over stresses

Your kids sweat your spirits and frustrate you frequently. But if you allow those airs breathe on longer than they should, you would not experience all the other significant moments that come with being a mom. You have acquired the power to get over the bad and relish the good.

Being an entrepreneur will also not be a cheerful experience all the time. There are times when you want to leave the business because of the terrifying tests. The key to pushing past these types of decisions is to learn the negative aspects are only temporary. You have to stay focused on the bright side, which is to strengthen a successful enterprise. When your business is down, it is not the time to whine. Get the things done. Knock on the doors. Spend your time on researching and producing results and not on amplifying the problems. If you leave the little stuff to being bigger problems, they will consume you whole. Consequently, the best response to any difficulty is with a solution. Just control the issue and move ahead.

3) Multi-tasking is a mother’s power skill

As I said earlier, when you have your first kid you will learn to do everything with one hand carrying the child in another. just like that when another child is born, you will learn how to handle extremely different characters at a time.

Just imagine, one child has a music class, the other kid has a football match. One child requires constant attention while you cannot leave others ignored. Then, there are the duties of preparing meals, helping out with homework, and bedtime routines. And this goes on without fail every day. Being a full-time mother needs an incredible amount of patience and focus to manage all these tasks favorably. Obviously, there may be a lapse up here and there, but you have the determination to avoid a total failure.

Likewise, entrepreneurship is all about doing various things at once. You have meetings with clients, sales call to attend, emails to send out, hiring processes may be needed, social media profiles to take care, and many more.

Getting all these things done may need a strenuous effort, but the long-term bonus is surely worth the struggle. As long as you do not give up, everything will take care of itself if you continue consistently in your attempts.


5) You are best in budgeting

Kids make more expenses than elders (especially these days). You have to house, feed, clothe, that is normal but keeping them out of their boredom is pretty expensive. Nothing comes free – an evening spent at parks, libraries and birthday parties – everything has its own cost. So, mothers make the most out of their budget. Long term needs and short term entertainment are sorted.

Entrepreneurs commence their businesses with their individual savings. This means they are on a sparse budget. Hence, unnecessary costs need to be sorted. It is all about taking care of what will benefit you now so you can finally yield a better future.

6) You are good at decision-making and planning

You are known for your naturally great decision-making power and expertise to plan things up. Every great business requires planning. Being a working mother, you do plan for day-to-day things for sure. So, the same is applied to running a successful business.

7) Your discipline counts

When a woman becomes a mother she naturally becomes disciplined regardless of an orderless life before. Because taking care of children will be chaotic otherwise. The same discipline can be applied to your business.

8) You know your strong points

When you grow a child, you are normally conscious of where your strengths lie. As an entrepreneur, you need to know where your strengths are, so you make use of them and from that, you will know where you will need help.

9) Your flexibility can be beneficial

Working women who have children are remarkably flexible with their time and in circumstances of high stress. You know how to make use of good times. And you also know when you want to change the rules. The flexibility of your strategy is what helps you make the right choices as an entrepreneur.

10) You are passionate

If you work hard with passion, you’ll be able to fulfill all your goals. This is something every mother teaches her children. And mothers do not quit until they get good results out of their hard work. So, the same hard work and passion can be used to run your business successfully.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship go closely associated. You are continually putting out sparks, balancing multiple tasks, and assuring that your expenses are poised for progress.

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