By Ankita Purohit

9 Things you will only get if you are not-so-girly girl

No, not all of us enjoy wearing makeup, doing hairstyles, or putting high-heel shoes literally every day. No, I don’t like the pink color either. Tired of stereotypes which have been passed since generations onto you that you are “supposed” to think, behave, or act in a certain manner? This article is definitely for you!

9 Things you will only get if you are not-so-girly girl

When I was a teenager, I would notice many of my classmates had started putting on makeup and experimenting hairstyles. They were actually learning their makeup skills. I did not feel the need to do this. They would talk a lot about brands, although I am still not sure which eyeliner would be best suitable for me. Nearly 4 years back, I learned how to put just an eyeliner, the one which looks like a sketch pen, not the liquid one (LOL). I am in my late twenties. My younger sister is really good at putting on the foundation, mascara, Kajal, and all kinds of stuff one could imagine that a girl ought to know. She learned it during her teenage times. After growing up, I was told by my mother, and other fellow mates to put at least little makeup. I was also told to wear a high-heel because it seems elegant and I am a short person as well.

Following are the things only not-so-girly girls will understand because the tug-of-war between the worldly stereotypes and the real us wouldn’t end:

1. The makeup: Of course, I would like to start with this point! I am in a constant rush every single day. Other girls too are, and I totally get it. But since I was never in the habit of getting up 15 minutes earlier just because I have to put my makeup on, I am not willing to do this at present as well. My extra sleep seems more important!

Girly girl - make up issues

My plan is always simple and straightforward – cleanser, toner, sunscreen, and a lip balm. Kajal? Yes, only like once in a week. I have recently started putting Kajal, although eyeliners seem more comfortable, but definitely not a daily-dose for me. Kajal seems to give me dry eyes. I don’t think that kind of brand exists that could soothe my eyes. Both Kajal and eyeliner? Nopes, extremely rare! Eyeshadow? Nopes! Forget about the face powders, blushers, concealers, BB Creams, and foundation. These are mere names I just know exist. So, why have I started putting these rare things on now? Well, the world has finally made me realize that I have to! So, I keep it minimal, which is on an occasional basis.

2. It’s always a ponytail: It’s either half or full, but definitely a ponytail I end up with. Yes, I tried learning several hairstyles through online video tutorials quite recently, but I never tried them in real-time because those didn’t look neat and perfect. It needs a lot of patience that I never had. In this particular case, my husband really wishes if I knew a few hairstyles to come-up with. Well, may be in the future I might do! Ponytail looks good and saves the time. Period!

3. High-heel shoes: I keep high-heel footwear and I wear them at specific occasions, but I have another pair of footwear always present inside my car if my high-heels (might) betray me. I usually choose those kinds of occasions where I do not need to walk much. Else what? I walk barefoot everywhere (yes!) if my shoe starts hurting, whether it is a shopping mall or a supermarket. So, what do I do? I avoid high-heels in the first place.

No Girly girl - High heels complete no no!

4. Sports: I used to have Barbie dolls in my childhood and I would always adore them. But similarly, I also liked playing basketball, cycling, and swimming, that most girls of my age eventually lost interest in, once we started entering our teenage years. I still feel like I should use a bicycle to reach my workplace, but damn you sweat! I would play basketball during my graduation years and I was the only girl in the team.

5. Friends: Most of my friends are like-minded people, who are at least similar to me, or simply understand my case without judgment. When it comes to the gender, I treat them all equally, both men and women. The world simply doesn’t understand this. I don’t get bothered by them either!

6. Shopping: There are many women out there who would happily try loads of outfits and will not buy anything at all. Wasting several hours for shopping and then not buying anything in reality is not appreciated. I would rather not go at all. I would either buy something because I invested my time to go out of my home, even if it is just a small fancy clutch or an affordable rubber band. I am not a shopaholic, and so, I spend on stuff with great care because I am never left confused with what to do with my money.

7. Excitement/talking: I am a human being and definitely get excited (or pissed) on several occasions. But the thing is, I cannot raise my voice-tone post a specific pitch. So, terms mostly used by other women that precisely define their exclamation, such as “Awwwww”, “how adorable”, etc. isn’t my thing. Most of my emotions are hidden beneath my head that just do not show up on the surface.

girly girl vs tomboy

When it comes to speaking too much, I feel like trapped on social settings. I do not get it what to say to a group of people if I meet them at the party, other than just wishing them or asking them how they are doing. I would like to have the more one-on-one conversation that is mature and make sense to me. I am capable to talk about literally every subject, except a few. So, I am sure not to bore anyone, unless they are too insensitive (a huge turn-off) to understand anything.

8. Nail-paints: This is done quite rarely. Unlike other women who would do this quite often – applying a single coat, wait for it to dry, then applying another layer, changing the nail color every week – I most often even forget for several months that a little concern to my own nail doesn’t hurt. I had to throw the bottles of my nail-paint because those all expired!

9: Accessories: When I was growing up I thought accessories are meant to be worn while I go out. I tried buying some. Then I ended up with never wearing them. Isn’t it weird? I wasted money simply because I thought I was supposed to accessorize! I will never get this – why people wear a pair of bangles and dangles! I am more comfortable with my wristwatch.

I am not the tomboy type. I am somewhere in the middle. I am more inclined towards the comfort and being natural. I do go to parlors and apply makeup on an occasional basis with the help of others and I look great as well. I do not say either that someone like me, or those who come under tomboy category are superior than others who are girlish. Just the thing is I have not embraced it yet, and I want the world to accept the way we ALL are – Unique!

Expecting the world to understand just the very basic thing that you are more into the “real side” is a huge struggle. It really is! Always focus on looking neat and tidy. Have your own hobbies and stop expecting from people that they are going to admire you. They will always give you the piece of advice even if you do not ask them to. You were not born to please everyone. So, how about not seriously listening to them?


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