Adopting a Girl Child

When I talk about adopting a girl child I do not mean to discriminate between a boy and a girl, or value a boy lesser than a girl. People always talk about equality and if we value a girl more than a boy, or vice versa, technically it would be sheer hypocrisy. But if there is an emphasis more on adopting a girl child through various campaigns or documentaries then it is probably because there is seriously wrong with the mentality of common people who build this society.

First of all those couples who are not able to conceive do not go for adopting a child, whether boy or girl, at any cost. For them that kid does not inherit their DNA which means a hell lot to them! Even if they go for adoption after seeking medical help for years and not succeeding, they used to prefer boys till a few years back. The reason behind it was – ‘not risking anything’. There were very few cases in which they opt for a girl child. Despite of so many social evils exist today there are still those who accept and welcome girls generously and now is the time when adopting girls is growing day after day. What makes them different than the rest?


If someone possesses some kind of mentality it is because the surroundings have the huge role in developing a personality, plus his or her own set of thinking. As a child my dad was raised in a kind of environment where girls weren’t given privileges like getting higher education. He saw a girl’s parents were beating her despite the fact the fault was of her brother’s. But such environment didn’t change his basic self. He grew even mature and believed exactly opposite. So, the case is either of them. Either you adapt your environment or you revolt against it.

Since the female infanticide and foeticide still exist in the world today, including India and China, and many others, there are certain kinds of campaigns that work hard so that it gets stopped. People still kill the new born girls or their fetus inside the womb and due to this a small town in North India has started a movement in which anyone who is unwilling to have a child (boy or a girl) may leave the newborn inside a basket which is literally there near the government hospital. People have started putting their newborns inside it and most of them are girls.

I have seen cases in which a couple adopt their relative’s child. If they are not able to biologically reproduce they go for brother’s or sister’s child. This could be from either side, but the paternal side is more preferable; due to the only reason behind it – sharing the common genes. In the world where the population is consistently growing and where millions of orphans are still waiting for getting adopted, the idea of adding a young one to the society just because your relative hasn’t yet started the parenthood, is not impressive. There is a huge role of family while a man and his wife decides something. There might be the case where both parties are willing for adoption of a girl but this is not necessary that they get support from their family. Even if the statistics show positive response and people are getting sensible day by day there is still long way to go.

Girl Child Adoption

According to the Indian law the single parent gets low probability of adopting a child. They must be at least 21 years of age and at the most 55 years. A male cannot adopt a girl child. If a couple plans to adopt two children then they are not allowed to adopt both the children of same gender. And most importantly they must be financially very strong to raise a kid, else they don’t get the permit. They are also free to decide specific condition for the adoption like gender, physical condition, facial features, age, physical or mental condition, etc. and according to that they are given few choices. After completing the legal procedure the parents are under watch for a few months so as to avoid crimes against children.

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