By Suhana Keeranthodika

Arts and Science of Happiness – How to live a happy life?

Can you say “I am happy”, deep from your heart? The feeling of happiness need not be a loud laugh, it could be a deep breath and contentment coming from the soul which is free from anxiety. What defines happiness? Nobody ponders over the inside matter of happiness, we just enjoy the pleasure. That is what is needed also. Happiness is not about the money you possess, or not about the position you have or not even the popularity you attained. It is something else, even people who don’t have all these are happier. Regardless of all the materialistic factors, some people are able to find happiness in life. That may be in their gene or maybe the atmosphere where they were nurtured while growing up. But obviously there is nothing that cannot change except the change itself. So, everyone can be happy forever!

What is True Happiness?

A life balanced with joy and sadness will most probably be the happiest. True happiness means a deep feeling of inner well-being, peace and energy that is with you most of the time in most situations. People, who experience true happiness, feel a deep sense of appreciation for merely being alive. True happiness is independent of our life situation which gives us ups and downs of feelings. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel anger, or sadness or fear, in fact, every feeling should be there for a contented person; but the intensity of each is decided by his own control of emotions and his prone nature.


Do you know what all measures people do to reap happiness? Some plant positive energy radiating plants, some do energy-boosting exercises, some wear a particular ornament, some do happiness diet and some go for shopping therapy. But still, the majority of the people are under stress most of the time.

Happiness in Women

Have you ever thought of the happiness of women? The happiness index of women is declining despite better rights and opportunities they receive now compared to past. In fact, Women are more liberated and yet unhappy. Women are often picturized as a mysterious gender, difficult to understand! The falling happiness index is really disappointing. Just imagine, the women who have reserved her whole life giving preference to her loved ones ultimately spend her life struggling with depression and stress!

Firstly, we know that women are more at danger of depression, in part due to hormonal inconsistencies. Women face lots of hormone-related diseases, disorders and situations such as postnatal depression, menopause stage depression, etc, which can all have a huge impact on mood, energy levels, and even on physical health. Depression may also be associated with hormonal preventatives. In addition to all these, social and cultural issues also put women at risk of growing depression.

Hormones are the science behind happiness and sadness. It’s obvious that estrogen is closely linked with women’s emotional well-being. Depression and tension affect women in their estrogen-producing years more frequently than men or postmenopausal women.

Keys to Happiness

I believe in uniqueness. Like every fingerprint, every person will have their own share of happiness and problems, and for that, they themselves have to set off to find what works and what won’t work. A few simple changes in the attitude towards life which are common will work for everyone. So, let’s see,

Don’t over analyse problems of your life especially while its happening. For the simple issues, some people overthink and over analyse why it happened. Stop doing that! Concentrating on weaknesses or unlikely body features may put you to stress. Sometimes some matters naturally get solved with time and rest few may need a little wisdom to put in the right time. That means a decision taken at distress may not be right. So for the time being, get outside. Go back to your work. Think something fun.

Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone else. A comparison is compared to death. When we match ourselves to others, we harm ourselves. Happy people know that they are no greater or less than another person. Everyone will have their own quality and hygge.


Make some self-adjustments when something isn’t going your way and when your mood dips; just stay aware. Unload your head by taking a small walk or having a small talk with a positive person. Do whatever good your mind suggests. Start trying out with simple steps.

Happy people will have plenty of good vibes and happiness to share. They join volunteering, catch time out to help a friend, offer to attach people to others for their betterment and they will not have an intention to get back any favour. Happy people will be employed in service but also stay conscious of how to take charge of themselves. When your energy gets drained, be reminded to not shrink to the point that you lose focus on your own overall health.

You should have the wisdom to choose uplifting friendships. That is a majority opinion, that may be true. But at the same time, we shouldn’t ignore those who are in need of a company, just because the person is sad always! According to me, there is nothing wrong with befriending a person who is in agony (talks sad part of life). They also need a support to grow happier, isn’t it? But the only thing is, sometimes if you want to talk with a charming happy person to get some energy then don’t choose the person with negative energy. This is not the case of people who talk only gossips! I warn you, people who backbite are harmful. They may even eat your good ethics.

When we have talks that are uplifting, supportive, and kind with people interested in our betterment, we are on a faster track to our own happiness. Know which friends boost your happiness and nourish those bonds more and more.

There is one ultimate factor in people who live happily forever, they are less involved in being happy and more engaged in making peace of mind. It is important not to get attached to the ups at the same time direct more on enduring peaceful liveliness. When our world is at peace, there’s a comfortable balance and the result will be maintained happiness and contentment.

The ordinary will be extraordinary when we move on to being older, find happiness in little things. People receive pleasure from enjoying the simple joy in life, and usually, they are connected to our senses. For example, there are tiny little things that I get a surplus of joy. The pleasures I receive in the sight of little wildflower, late night movie with my loved ones, having tea in my favourite cup, morning sunshine, a peaceful rain, little sound of chirping birds, smile of a stranger on the street, some fragrances, etc. All these things make pleasant sense in mind that is being carried throughout the day to improve temperament.

And the most remarkable of all I have advised is this one – Do NOT expect the people around you to shift your mood if you are sad or to fill your empty spaces. Your happiness is your responsibility. And remember it’s not your responsibility to do that for your partner either but if you can, that’s your kindness, as support is an important part of any relationship. We’re there on the bad days with compassion there on the good days to cheer. But mostly, we rely on ourselves to give that to ourselves. We should know that our partners have their own mess to fight with. We offer space for them to explore his or her happiness, while we focus on mending ours. Let’s all try to find our peace of mind and enjoy its by-product the happiness!

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