Daughter, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur! – Her Distinct Role

There is no denial that women are born multitasker. They are able to manage literally everything from home to workplace. Their household chores involve cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc. Their routine starts right from the morning and so their consistent involvement can lead to successful goals, if they invest some of their valuable time to workplace as well. They are excellent time managers since it is in their blood and they are taught since their childhood as well in most regular households.

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it is a step-by-step procedure of crafting, developing and implementing a new business as a startup. Women are better at this due to many reasons. For instance, they are better at listening to conversations, due to which they welcome alternative viewpoints. They are also much more sensitive to their suppliers’, customers’ and co-workers’ needs. They show encouraging attitude towards those who actually make consistent efforts. Women also tend to accept failures if in case it emerges and take that in a positive way to improve and evolve even better.

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WOMEN – The Great Multi-tasker


Let us take an example of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat papad in India. It was originally founded in 1959 by seven Gujrati women lived in Mumbai in order to earn livelihood, using an only skill they had back then – cooking. It has headquarters in Mumbai at present with 81 branches all over India with 27 divisions, with a turnover of 100 million US Dollar every year. Papad is a crispy circular snack prepared usually from black gram flour which can be served along with salads or chutneys. It is used along with main course meals to most Indian families. Those women knew how to prepare papads and it became the biggest hit since readymade snacks weren’t common in that era. This is what we call innovation and everlasting vision.

Another inspiration could be taken from the founder of Biba brand, Meena Bindra who started the business of Indian ethnic wear in Delhi in the year 1988. This woman started her business at home and now it has earned public recognition with 150 brand outlets and had recorded sales of 600 crore INR in the year 2014-15.

A woman needs to recognize her inborn talent. It is not just confined in cooking, making  pickles and papads, or tailoring clothes. It has expanded much with time in almost every field starting from charted accountancy, software engineering, pharmacy to online marketing, advocating, coaching classes, event management, public transport, restaurant or something related to charity like organized NGOs, schools and orphanages. Know yourself well. Discover the new you and plan accordingly. Follow your heart and first make your mind clear in which field you are interested deep down. It asks for proper planning and lots of patience but it ultimately leads to success if you are extremely positive. You might face failures initially but don’t get disheartened. J.K. Rowling, the famous novel author who wrote the Harry Potter series was rejected several times but didn’t stop. She became the first US doller billionare through writing novels in the year 2004 and in 2008 she was 144th richest person in Britain according to Sunday Times Rich List. Simply keep this thing in mind that anything could be achieved.

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