By Suhana Keeranthodika

How to Maximise Teamwork as Women Leaders?

All the women empowerment efforts since ages have started showing results now. Women are present in every field and in every order just like men. Women are proving that the difference in look and physique is not a reason to step behind while catching the dream career. Women have learned career success by their strength to adapt to the male-dominated society and business manners in different domains. Even now there is a lot to change in people’s perception. Women strive to perform by the existing rules in the workplace and have the extra hurdle of age-old systems of how women should represent and behave. Women these days are in great leadership roles in large organizations with their effort and determination. To rise in that roles women have to face many challenges. I would like to give you some suggestions according to my research.

More women in leadership positions are turning the limits of gender equality into their favour by utilizing their toughness and leadership qualities for instance in talent, expertise, experience and passion. They are seeking the things they want from their job and their career, not expecting for it to come to them. The key is trust in all your resources and abilities, not just those outlined on record. And the first thing to take care when you are a woman in a leadership position, is yourself, how? let’s see,

Staying in your comfort zone always may not give your dreams wings. A recent study on hiring practices in human resource department of an organization found that men usually apply for a job when they meet 60% of their skills, but women are reluctant to apply until they meet 100% out of their potential skills. There is a senseless notion that unless a woman meets the criteria precisely, she won’t be counted. Breaking that belief begins with each woman. All of them must understand that she is capable of doing the task and proving it during the interview process is important, rather than abandoning the aspirations because of self-doubt.

Every woman in leadership roles will have to do what they feared to do to overcome their weakness. Recognize the fear and still continue to try doing the thing. In history, leaving the comfort levels led successful entrepreneurs and women power to take benefit of opportunities that never would have occurred otherwise. Don’t miss out opportunities that knock you.

Equality in workspace

Many among us have felt the consequences of the gender gap in our careers, sometimes as a pay dispute, sometimes a lost promotion or just a mean comment from colleagues. Even if the work environment takes extra effort on equality, it’s not unusual to confront people who have faced some kind of difference because of gender.

If women want to be observed as equal in the workplace, they must hold their ground and demand the respect they deserve. If we act like there’s equality in the workplace, then it will automatically be like that. That is how we should overpower the problems. Accepting the necessity for change is important, but more significant are the efforts and attitudes in the workplace. Inspire yourself and others every day!

Leading the way

For women just entering the workforce leading by example while being open, supportive and collaborative with others is the best practice recommended by experienced leaders. Become an epitome for other women to follow. With progressions like the #MeToo movement, the path is clearing but there are still many obstacles to defeat.

Natural qualities of women can be big changing factors for leadership qualities in the workplace. Women can help others set goals and achieve them, maintain teamwork, and spend time in training, mentoring and personal development. Women are less inclined to have a bossy mentality instead of that they give co-workers a developing background.

Unlike men who tend to be career-centric and finance motivated, women view work more holistically, as a segment of their whole life plan. Thus for women work is a reflection of themselves and value factors such as meaning, purpose, connection with co-workers and so work-life integration matters.

When women bring this energy to turn their teams and employees efficient, it has long-lasting unions. It increases employee retention, builds stronger team players, and produces the next generation of female role models. As each woman in the workplace makes her part to work to gender equality in her workplace, the gap will gradually fill over time.

In teams where good leaders lead, members learn from each other, encourage each other, assist each other. In unproductive teams we see conflict and clashing schedules, taking without giving and moderate commitment.

Tips to Maximize teamwork as a Women Leader

What makes the teams with women leaders work better? Here are a few features on how women leaders maximize teamwork and productivity.


Gratefulness is an essential component of leadership. There is a very clear spirit in good teams that every person produces value to the others and has plans, practices, and crafts to share. Here nobody argues their own perspectives but uncovering the value offered by each teammate. This creates a high level of communication and commitment. Leaders should be careful to include every team members creative opinion and appreciate them right at the moment. To have a good team, a linear approach is not practical, each member is important and it is the leader’s duty to make the members believe that they are important. If you are a leader do not consider yourself as anything big instead be grateful to have a productive team.


Communication within the team

Among the other potential skills teamwork, written communication and leadership are considered important during talent acquisition these days. A significant part which makes teams work is opening the value within each member. This means that each member must be empowered to express their ideas precisely and constructively. This is what happens in effective parenting when both parents communicate with each other and do what suits them the most. The concept of a single team leader supervising members toward a predestined outcome is reinstated by a highly interactive method in which expertise is distributed. Once we begin from a friendly premise, it grows clear that every team member must be a good communicator and an active leader. This brings enthusiasm within teams that maximizes commitment, comfort, and productivity.

Know your team members

Usually, women leaders are more sensitive compared to their men counterpart. That becomes beneficial when they know about their team member’s lives away from work (to a tolerable extent). Taking time to share personal interests builds a sense of comfort and breaks down boundaries so that faith can be developed genuinely. Showing humanity to the members when they need makes them support the leader back at work. For example, an efficient employee could be a working mother or primary caretaker at home, in that case, they may want to leave the office on time. So being the team leader you can let them have flexible timings if your system allows and make them understand their valuable time at work.

Establish vision and intentions

If the leader knows what the team want to do and able to propagate that to the members of the team then it will be a successful one. Every team member should be aware of the same target and they all together have to attain. And this is something that should be considered and evaluated on a regular basis so that it stays at everyone’s mind and aids in making decisions about the team’s course.

Have some fun

A fun environment can put employees into ease and thereby productivity. For that, the leader has to take the initiative. Look for new ways to address real problems. Perhaps you set up an activity using charts and sticky notes to help people visualize what each unit is doing and then use colours and lines to conceive where there are possibilities for collaboration. Designing exercises that involve and excite the senses can make a possibly boring subject more fun and enjoyable. Usually, women leaders are said to be serious ones try to break that and be cool with the team members.

Finally, Keep Motivating

Give your team members ideas to contribute to the team. Grant them rewards when they excel, for example, team lunches to vacations or other gifts. Empower them to illuminate with their talent, and hence be they will be more willing to take control of their work and pour their whole heart into teamwork.

There are and may be more and more ideas to include in this list to make every person in your team towards a single target. As a women leader, there may be hurdles but with your determination, everyone around you will forget your gender. Be that Leader!

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