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No Smoking Please | Consequences of Cigerette Smoking

No smoking day got initiated to create awareness among people about smoking. It doesn’t signify only as no smoking day, but it acts as an annual health awareness day. The origin of no smoking day was in the United Kingdom in the year 1984. Now the no-smoking day got initiated all around the globe. A survey conducted in 2009 shows us that one among ten people had quit smoking on this day. The first time the day was celebrated dated back to an Ash Wednesday in 1984. And now we celebrate the no-smoking day on the 2nd Wednesday of March every year.

The main idea of this program is to build up a tobacco-free world. It aims to free the youth from the growing tendency of smoking culture. As all know, many ladies are showing interest in smoking. And the trend has grown to such an extent that five among ten women smoke these days.

History of No smoking day

As mentioned above, the history of no smoking day goes back to the year 1984. The name itself suggests the aim of the day. On this day, every year, people try to educate smokers about the harms of smoking and encourage them to break free from smoking. Every year there is a theme that inspires us to come out of smoking. The one that got much popularity among the themes was the one introduced in the year 2010 known as “Break Free.”

Effects of smoking on one’s body

Effects of smoking on the respiratory system

The first thing that gets affected by smoke is our respiratory system.

  • You will have irritation in the windpipe and larynx>

  • The functioning of the lung will get reduced, and this causes breathlessness due to swelling and narrowing of the lung airways and excess mucus in the lung passages


  • Deterioration of the lung’s clearance system, leading to the building-up of poisonous substances, which results in lung irritation, and damage

  • Increased peril of lung infection and symptoms such as coughing and wheezing

  • Permanent damage to the air pouches of the lungs

Effects of smoking on the circulatory system

Some of the common effects of smoking seen on one’s circulatory system include:

  • You will have high blood pressure and raised heart rate

  • Blood vessels in your skin will gradually start shrinking, thus causing a drop in skin temperature

  • Usually, when you do exercise, your blood will carry oxygen to all parts of the body. But in the case of a smoker, very less amount of oxygen is being carried by the blood

  • Blood will become stickier, which means that you will become more prone to clotting

  • The more you smoke, it damages the lining of the arteries more

  • When you keep on smoking, blood flow to the extremities get reduced, which will adversely affect you

  • If the blood supply gets blocked, it leads to an increased chance of stroke and heart attack, and when you smoke blood supply will be blocked

  • Your total heart health will be compromised

Effects of smoking on the immune system

Many of us are unaware of the risks through which we might go if we smoke. Just go through the points and take up serious decisions.

  • When you are ill, the illness will last longer, and it will be more severe

  • We have antioxidants in our blood, but when we smoke the level of these protective antioxidants will get lower

  • We will be susceptible to infections like pneumonia and influenza

Effects of smoking on the musculoskeletal system

Here we talk about some of the few effects smoking has on the musculoskeletal system.

  • As a person starts smoking, some muscles in their body will be tightening

  • Because of smoking, the bone density of one person’s body will get reduced. Our bone will become feeble and will be not as strong as before

Effects of smoking on the sexual organs

Yes, you read it right, both female and male will become week if you smoke.

The visible effects on the male human body are:

  • Lower sperm count will be the prime most effect of smoking in a male human body

  • When the male body ejects or produces sperms, it gets deformed

  • What more to say, it can even cause genetic damage to sperm

  • The chances are so high that the person might become barren and the reason behind infertility is smoking

  • This barrenness happens because of damaged blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis

The visible effects on the female human body are:

  • The list is pretty long they will be affected with reduced fertility, menstrual cycle irregularities, and in some cases absence of menstruation

  • Women will have menopause it’s quite natural, but in case of a female smoker, it will happen a year or two earlier

  • Another risk caused due to smoking is the chance of getting cancer on the cervix

  • Women above the age of 35, and who take the oral contraceptive pill will be at risk of stroke and heart attack

  • The pregnant women smokers risk the baby’s life

Other effects of smoking on the body

These are some of the common factors affecting our body if you are a smoker.

  • You will be prone to have irritation and inflammation stomach and intestine

  • Ulcers are always painful, and for a smoker, it’s double the pain than before, and when it comes along the digestive tract, it gets unbearable

  • Smell and taste, both these abilities will be affected

  • Skin will get wrinkled faster than we can ever expect

  • A smoker can become blind, as blindness is one of the symptoms of smoking

  • You will suffer from gum diseases

Has smoking become a trend among ladies?

The ultimate truth behind this question will shock everyone. The list of women smokers is increasing day by day. Yes, it has indeed become a trend among ladies. Many teenage girls and adult women find it remarkably addictive and attractive. Once they start this habit, it gets hard for them to stop it. In older times, films usually don’t portray women smokers, but now it has become a big trend in the Indian movies al well. This reflects the change in culture.


Has the film field encouraged smoking among women?

To answer this question, one needs to think a lot before blurting out. Just like a coin has two sides, this also has two sides. It depends on people who watch movies that show women smokers. At some point, we see that films might influence the viewers. But this does not apply to everyone, that what we see should be followed in life, but many people get attracted and influenced by these.

How to quit smoking?

It might seem easy to quit before you start smoking. But the truth is it is rather very hard to stop smoking once you start it. Smoking will become a physical addiction as well as a psychological habit. You all know that cigarettes contain nicotine which makes us addicted to smoking.

You can choose simple steps to quit smoking.

  • Finalize a date in which you intend to stop smoking

  • Find a valid reason that will make you stop smoking

  • Prepare yourself before quitting smoking

  • When you make your mind to quit smoking try the nicotine replacement therapy

  • You should lean on to your loved ones

  • Don’t push yourself so hard, take your time and slowly stop smoking

  • Make yourself busy with anything

  • You might feel like giving up, but do try again and again

  • Drink so much water and juice

  • Try to avoid situations which will prompt you to smoke

  • If you have cigarettes with you, never forget to throw it away

  • If your family members and friends smoke, tell them not to smoke when you are around

How does second-hand smoking affect individuals?

Have you heard of the term second-hand smoking? Many people might not know what it means, so let us explore what it is and what are its effects.

Secondhand smoke is the blend of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke exhaled out by smokers. Second-hand smoke harms mainly pregnant ladies, infants, service industry workers, and in the worst cases, pets also get hit by smoke.

Two forms of smoke that come from a cigarette:

  • Mainstream smoke

This smoke is the one that is exhaled from the smoker. When you are exposed to a smoker, it is called mainstream smoke. This smoke can be seen everywhere around us. It can be from a bus stop, or even at your home.

  • Sidestream smoke

This smoke comes from the end of a lighted cigarette, pipe, cigar, or tobacco in a hookah. It has got a higher level of cancer-causing agents which is more toxic than mainstream smoke. It has smaller particles compared to mainstream smoke and these get into the lungs and body cells more quickly.

Even if you fancy smoking, you should quit it, as it can cause very severe problems for your body. As discussed above, the facts show the bad effects smoking does to one’s body.

These steps are just something that can help you out in quitting the habit. Even when you follow it correctly, it will feel very hard. But with a strong desire to move forward, you will be able to overcome smoking.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is the second-hand smoking. When you smoke, it will not only affect you, but the people around you will also be affected severely. When you smoke you are destroying your life and someone else’s life at the same time. Second-hand smoking affects a person severely than a smoker.

So, as I conclude, I like to add a point that smoking is a very bad habit that can toy your life, and can bring you a disastrous end. When you have a good life, why don’t you enjoy a healthy life?

Many people are wishing for a good life, and you have one but still don’t know the value of it. You might have heard of babies dying at a very young age they would have wanted to live, but their health condition had stoped them. But think of yourself, you have good health set up but you are continuously killing it with a lit cigarette.

Let, this be a new beginning of a new life, and an end to the smoke that was killing you from inside and which had been killing others too.

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