By Gargi Gill

What is the routine of a successful woman?

You might have wondered that some ladies actually make a standout in every field they go. It is not that they never struggled ever in their life, is it? Obviously hurdles come in everyone’s way. So, what did they do to accomplish something greater in life that helped them flourish in their respective fields? Here is the list of some of the common traits that were found among most successful women.

Successful women  and their routine

1. Waking up early in the morning: The first key to success is getting up from the bed at around 5 to 6 am. Then comes the priorities like doing yoga, meditation, prayer, workout or anything else that contributes in calming down your mind. This is followed by preparing the breakfast for the family and lunch box for kids and send them to school (if you have). If you don’t have kids, well getting ready and preparing for office shall be of importance, in which what list of work you are about to do must also be in your mind at the same time.

2. Staying positive, always! :There are times when anyone may feel anxious or frustrated due to lots of work pressure, both in terms of personal or professional level. But one must always keep in mind that some situations are just meant to come towards which we have no control over. We still have to be patient and never lose control. Anything occurring at present will definitely go away with time.

3. Setting a fixed goal: Never get confused of what you really want in life. Talk to yourself and know your deeper self. The solution will automatically be in front of your mind in just a few minutes of relaxed mind. Then work on your goal tirelessly. Do not get inclined towards negative comments, else you will end up with no achievements.

4. Keeping yourself away from negative entities: Now this is the personal stuff I am talking about. Whenever somebody sets some goal there would be numerous spectators who would rather watch him/her fail than being successful. By the term “negative entities” I want to portray every living person who is involved to provide you stress and frustration and nothing else. Such people could be anyone, be it your childhood friend, a close relative, cousin, grandparents, etc. We as human beings are bound by relations, that involve blood relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and what not, just to give the surroundings some meaning, to grow as a person and build a community that might help us in need. But some people do not suit our needs and they need to leave from our life, our thoughts! No, I am not kidding! Once you get used to it, your life will be more than awesome and that would lead you focusing on your target better.

The most successful  women

5. Communicating with your family on regular basis: You may find that your strict routine is limiting your time and you are left with lack of communication with your family. Make a habit of doing at least a part of your routine being shared with your family. For instance, have morning coffee or dinner with them. This will open the scope of talking to each other. Who knows you get some useful advice when you actually need it the most!

6. Eat healthy diet: Having regular meals improve the body’s digestion, metabolism and physical structure and functioning. This further improves the mind and intellect as well which in turn causes greater efficiency whole day. Also you will be blessed with healthy weight!

7. Meet the deadlines: Whenever a particular task is given to you, you must end that on time. But do not overdo it. Also do not always make a habit of saying yes. If you think that a particular task won’t be accomplished on a given time due to so many reasons, please talk to your manager regarding it. There are also the cases in which people do the work before the deadlines and are loaded with more and more work. They finally end up with not accomplishing any task at all, or messed up work with no perfection. If you are one of them, you will be left frustrated. Simply keep in mind that your life does not only revolve around the office. You have your own world of happiness too. Embrace that.

Above points are meant for general terms only. You may make changes accordingly that are most suited to you. For example, your waking up time may vary as per the current situation. But do not leave it for too late. That’s all!

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