By Suhana Keeranthodika

Who is an independent woman in your opinion?

Have you ever thought about the struggle of working women in our society who deal different routine and lifestyle? To begin with, let’s take a woman who runs a day with the help of a helper for cooking, cleaning, and babysitting and goes to the office with the husband or with a driver; at the end has a good bank balance. Another lady, who wakes up early to finish all household chores, cooks, drops her kids to school, and drives to the office alone, and has her bank balance as a second income after her spouse’s. Third, and the final one I am considering, is a woman who has to support the whole family; for that she does all the home chores, cooking, taking care of the kids and elders and rushes to work which might be paying a meagre amount; so to compensate everything she may have to use cheapest transport modes like buses, boats and busy trains!

Among the three, who is the more independent woman in your opinion? According to our society, the first one will be the most independent and then comes second and third. The measuring meter of everything in our society is finance. For the first lady, dependence is a choice as she has enough finances to maintain helpers and for the last woman, it is an assigned life than a choice. The second one is more or less of an independent women, whose living conditions are better compared to the third one. The third woman is actually struggling a lot and is becoming stronger with time as she wants to do everything herself.

But from my perspective, the most independent and respected one is the third woman indeed. In actual sense, Who is an Independent woman, is a big question. Also, What is women empowerment?

empowered woman

Who is an Independent woman?

An interesting definition of an independent woman I saw in the Urban dictionary was this – “A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports herself entirely on her own and is proud to be able to do so.”. That is true but the fact is that women are able to do more independently.

What shall we do to become An independent, Empowered, and Strong women?

Somewhere in the long run of life women might be feeling stagnant, depending on someone for even little things like just to go out for shopping, to take kids to the hospital, etc. How to feel empowered again, that is the question. If we have a properly planned routine everything is possible. It is natural to feel fearful and hesitant before doing a task. Haven’t you heard “Victory beyond fear”? So, there is nothing to worry, life must go on.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Problems

Don’t ever try to hide from responsibilities and difficulties. These issues never expire so face it and be brave. First, you do your duties and responsibilities then solve your problems. Furthermore, you may indulge to help others if needed. Responsibilities of a wife, mother, home care-taker, workplace, etc. can be shared but cannot be ignored. Being proactive and offensive for gender equality is good for a society. At the same time, being humble and having some respect towards our culture and traditions is beautiful.

We can do it! Nothing is impossible to us ladies. Never be embarrassed to take little help when you are in need. After all, we cannot be superwomen every minute just like men think. Ultimately, what matters is we have to finish our duties and be with our loved ones comfortably.

strong and independent women

Financial Security

If you are passionate about something or if you have some inborn talent in something, you can make that as a career. Such people always find it easy and love their work. If passion and talent cannot be made into money then accept a job that pays you well and gives satisfaction. Either of this should happen in everyone’s life. Believe in “nothing is impossible”. Financial security is important.

Sort out Income, Expenses, Budget, and Savings

Data shows that a majority of women will be entirely in charge of their own finances at some point in their lives. So it’s essential to plan early. Start by bringing your expenses below the income. After paying the costs of your basic expenses, don’t overspend on items or services you can live even without.

Shopping gives a temporary satisfaction. Credit cards are dangerous in many ways and so be reminded not to treat Credit cards as cash in your hands. It doesn’t matter how you live now, tragedies can happen anytime whether you’re single, married, or living with a partner. Plan your own financial future as if you were already on your own.

Save from your current income as finance or as investments for a secure future. Now people who are accessible to technology can take advantage of automatic transfer features of banks for savings. It can be done online also. It works when an amount is credited to your account. For example, once your salary is credited to your account it will automatically transfer the amount to the saving account so that you will not have to do it every month. Do the same for your retirement savings also. Moreover, make knowledge about financial formalities and market trends.

Make an independent transport facility

Be it by walking or by any vehicle, our daily life and needs shouldn’t be hindered. By considering the budget, location, distance to travel, etc. we should plan an independent and safe transport facility. You can walk or use a taxi or keep a driver or can drive by yourself. The only thing is, one is a choice, and another reflects struggle.

financially independent women empowerment

Travel with your girl gang and/or kids

Travel has a peculiar character that it gives experience and have the ability to make us strong mentally.

Be healthy and physically independent

Being sick by your mistake is kind of a physical dependence. Don’t give chance for that, take care of your own health.

Start saying I CAN to every little to big things to move ahead in life for yourself and for those who depend on you. Also never feel guilty to say NO whenever needed.

Trust me, when you are capable enough, strong enough to take care of yourself and others, there will be people to announce your bravery as ‘A girl smart as a boy’. Don’t let that happen. Say it as loud as possible “I am a girl, Strong and Ambitious!”.

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