By Ankita Purohit

5 Things that Men Do and Women Get Annoyed

Things that Men Do and Women Get Annoyed

There are different kinds of humans, races, genders, ethnicity, religions, and so on. We stereotype some because our experiences were typical and matched someone else’s as well. Both men and women have specific habits in general and some habits do annoy the other half. Many of us don’t speak right in front of them in order to avoid conflicts but we really wish we had. Sometimes the person isn’t able to understand it either because they are insensitive enough. The result? The person who points them out becomes the bad guy and ends up being crazy! Following are those habits that most men do and make women feel annoyed:

1. Taking ages to text back and finally replying with just one word: I am sure you have experienced this, if you have ever dated or were friends with a guy. You wrote like two pages of overwhelming statements through your messenger so that you feel burden off your shoulders. But guess what! He didn’t reply for 15 hours straight and even if he does, it’s no more than “K” or “Cool” or “hmmm”. Your efforts went all in vein! He seriously needs psychiatric therapy on this to how his woman feels terribly annoyed in this case, because he does NOT understand why one could take such a small thing that seriously! I mean, seriously dude? You seem extremely cold. You do not need to reciprocate with the same amount of characters but a statement with some emojis would work just fine to express that you care.

Things that Men Do and Women Get Annoyed

2. Showing interest in the beginning and losing interest later: I am not sure whether they actually lose interest or are too egotistical to show their true self. Most girls will relate to this. He will initiate the conversation, both verbally and through texts whenever he find the right moment, and this will be in continuation at least a week or even more. The girl gets the impression that he is totally into her. And then, vanish! His seemingly interest in you doesn’t exist now, as if it wasn’t at the first place. Then he comes back, again! His mode is always ON and OFF. Why? Because you were always available. You were probably his favorite pass-time and he would approach ONLY when he isn’t occupied with work. You were never his priority. Deal with it! Yes, I know it’s annoying. So, move on. This guy will always be a jerk. Period!

3. Always avoiding ‘The Talk’ even if it seems necessary: There are many issues that you think must be resolved through speaking straight. No, that doesn’t work that way! He will go to any extent in order to avoid ‘The Talk’. He cannot get emotionally involved, yet he desperately needs to be in the relationship. It’s better if you stop contacting him, else it won’t end, ever!

Things that Men Do and Women Get Annoyed

4. Not speaking directly that they aren’t ready yet but still keeping you hooked: He will act jerk but still doesn’t want to be labelled as the bad guy. So, what does he do? Even if he wants to end the relationship so badly, he will still never tell you. And, what’s even worse? He gives you mixed signals like how much he likes you, you are so special and unique, and Blah. He won’t pick your call because he was busy for 15 days and doesn’t call you back either. At this point, you are pretty convinced that he’s just not that into you, and you are wasting both of your valuable time. But he will call you after a month or so. Confused? You will dance in his tunes because there is always a hope that one day he will bend down his knees to express his true feelings to you. But he never will. He enjoys the existing scenario. He will still annoy you to the extent that you will eventually leave him instead, and then it’s your fault. He doesn’t care, he never did. He will bestow blame onto you and move on with no remorse and there you are left with broken heart.

5. He initiates the dates in beginning and then isn’t sure about the plans later: Remember when the two of you first met on Instagram or SnapChat or you-name-it? He initiated the conversation and was looking forward to going for a Date quite most of the times but then you started taking interest in him and then everything changed. It is a common experience to those girls who unluckily meet douche-bags. Now, you sound needy and clingy because you don’t play hard-to-get anymore. You don’t seem mysterious and so he is turned off. He will either change the plans to hang-out with his buddies or show up really late because you aren’t that important. You aren’t crazy, He is the one to be kicked out from Your life.

I don’t mean to convey that only guys are at fault all the time. Sometimes, women too act annoyingly. But about that, we will discuss later!

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