Ayoti’s Content as a Service- A comprehensive solution to content creation

Content has become a vital part of every business now and is slowly proving that it is an indispensable part. Even for small businesses, content creation acts to be the pillar for inbound marketing. Ayoti provides complete end-to-end solutions in encompassing strategy, and content creation services.

Ayotians are highly experienced in providing meaningful experiences through meaningful quality content. Ayoti’s Content as a Service ensures you to provide a comprehensive solution for managing all your content at a scale which includes strategy, planning, creation, production, and optimizations. It can be better described as an all-in-one solution for creating and managing compelling and engaging content.

Outsourcing Your Content For Better Outreach

Around 60 percent of global organizations are successfully outsourcing their content for better marketing strategies. Content marketing has become one of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic, conversion rates, and getting more leads. Making it more specific, content creation should be the top priority in any successful organization. Even though it is the propriety to keep in mind, keeping up with the pace of the content is a concerning challenge for most of the in-house marketing teams. Your own team might be lacking the time, skills, or the creative thirst to write effectively and engaging content.

So, you might have had the thought of a third-party supporting your content creation, but you might be still hesitating to go ahead with it wondering if they can capture the essence of your brand. This may be a common natural concern, but outsourcing has become more prevalent in all the industries for their betterment and for driving in conversions. As long as the content is created and published with the required experience, and if it reflects your brand’s goals, then there is nothing wrong with outsourcing.

With over 200+ writers all over the globe, Ayoti is the perfect partner for region-specific marketing making your business more successful. Bringing you the right content writers who have the cultural and domestic understanding of the specific marketing regions.

Here are a few of the top reasons why this could be a good idea;

  •       Saving Costs

Businesses are mainly meant to make money. Outsourcing projects means exactly that, it has a simple knock-on effect. It saves you the cost of employing people full-time for the same job and giving them all the benefits related to a particular job. Having an in-house team of content creators might drill unnecessary holes in your coffers. A full-time team of content creators means that you must burden yourself with training, equipment, technology, and a handful of other expenses. According to the research, it has been found out that having workers from home can save a business a sum of around $11,000 on overhead costs annually. With over 200+ writers in Ayoti, we will be your strategic partner capable to support you based on your requirements.

  •       More time to work on strategy and other business activities

With the idea of outsourcing, you will still have as much input as you wish and thereby you will have enough time for working or concentrating on the other areas of your business. Content creation normally takes a lot of time to research, write, and publish the content and can be a full-time job in itself. So by outsourcing it, you will not only end up with higher quality content but you will also gain back way more than your initial investments. You can also instruct the independent creators to make changes as per your business needs.

  •       Greater Content Reach

While outsourcing your content to the expert writers, they can even publicize the published piece on their own blog and networks too. This means your content gets greater wider exposure and thereby drives in more traffic. Many of the outsourcing partners are even masters of social media, where they ensure that your content reaches more people faster and effectively. Ayoti’s region-specific writers who have a vast understanding of the culture and that of the targeted audiences will assist you in aligning your business’s content marketing strategy in a much better and engaging way.

  •       Higher Return on Investments

Outsourcing content creation always assists businesses in getting more online traffic, more engaged readers, and more leads. The outsourcing firms’ employees are experts in knowing how to use content to get more traffic and are experienced in manipulating the contents for search engines use. Your business will get more visible online and attracts more new readers and thereby increases potential customers.

How to do Outsourcing Effectively and Things to Keep in Mind

Although outsourcing the content strategy can be daunting at first, by following these tips your chances of success in the business increases dramatically.

  1.     Choose Writers Wisely

Whether you choose your writers from freelance sites such as Upwork or Freelancer, finding the right one will be a challenging process. Always look out for writers who can show positive testimonials from previous work experiences. Also, ask for their work samples to see if you like their style of writing. There are also different writers available with respect to their expertise in the field, like:

  •       Cultural- These writers vary according to your targeted audiences. These may be able to write in an array of modes and find unexplored angles on familiar subjects.
  •       Industry based- they are into writing industry-related topics, and will be writing clear marketing copies to promote products or services.
  •       Topic related- these are mainly technical and non-technical writers. They are more into doing instruction manuals, journals etc.


  1.     Provide Clear Guidelines

While outsourcing always is crystal clear in the instructions you give your writers with respect to the tone of voice, style, formats, and layouts. The best way to do this is by providing a style sheet or guide to any new writers in your team. Also, ensure to show your new content creators examples of the previous content that was being created at your company for a better understanding of the work to be done.

  1.     Pay Writers What They Deserve

It has been always seen that when it comes to content creation you get what you pay for. If you get a cheap writer the fact is that his/her writing skills might not meet up your expected marks and might create content that sounds unnatural or robotic. Your content is the extension for your brand, so always ensure to pay to get high-skilled writers who will also take your content creation task seriously.

Wrapping Up

Your content speaks volumes about your brand and making the branded content visible is Ayoti’s aim. We have a team of expert and highly exclusive branded content writers with proven expertise in the field. Ayoti’s Content as a Service will do wonders for your organization by gaining more powerful content supporting your brand, enhances customer experiences, and drive in greater business results.

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