How Ayoti provides outsourcing services

Outsourcing is a business system, not only to meet talent deficiencies and scale-up, yet additionally to improve advancement abilities. AYOTI, with its resource-centric service model, provides market support and outsourcing services to help clients focus on their business and cost-effectively deliver high-quality performance.

It relates outsourcing to the word offshoring in the latest business environment. It refers to outsourcing in the way of entrusting the business process to some offshore vendors. AYOTI helps in outsourcing many business processes by an external offshore location vendor. It offers a certain list of services for corporates:

  • Private Secretaryship
  • Clerical Jobs
  • Consultancy Services
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Payroll Management.
  • HR Outsourcing
  • SEO and Marketing

Benefits that outsourcing owes to business:

  • Efficient use of time – Every business person has limited time and limited resources. Outsourcing helps to focus on work from fringe activities that serve customers and allow managers to set their priorities more clearly.


  • Quick deliveries to customers- Outsourcing partners have spared time to prepare deliverables and thus make deliveries quickly. It also saves time.


  • It gives specialization in particular seller frameworks – Outsourcing helps achieve the latest technique in high-quality level and low economic status. The specialization provides more efficient products in a brief time.


  • Increased customer conveyance leads to increased customer satisfaction- Timely delivery and high-quality products impress customers and feel faithful to the association.

 The need for outsourcing in the present business scenario:

In the beginning, everything relating to marketing, product development, and labour management created a financial crisis in many companies until outsourcing. In-house authority takes care of management activities in earlier times, but now E-commerce technology changed its strategy and became easy to handle. Outsourcing has made the life of every business person easy and riskless. They can now concentrate on the quality and performance of their firm. Getting help with outsourcing is now in every stage of business. We can find more points that show the importance of outsourcing.

Maximum skills with minimum financial resources

There is always a basic reason people get outsourced, shows the answer of “less money”. Most developed countries hire labourers from other countries where they get skilled people for low wages, whereas labourers from their own country may be expensive for them. So they need only capital to invest in marketing, sales, web development, etc. allowing them to spend the rest of the money for the core business. It leads to the company’s vast establishment.

Reach of talented vendors.

An effective job needs specialized labour. Through outsourcing, we can find labour who are talented to hire our job. Vendors can take positions, work with high efficiency in less time with cost-effectiveness, have no complications, and are ready to attempt all solutions.

Development of core business.

Outsourcing leads to core business development by allowing the business person to concentrate on root business rather than spending time with a fringe activity. If we hire labour, the authority may lose time by tracking the task’s improvement. While outsourcing, it takes only the time to provide and get back the result.

 Excellence achievement easily.

It helps achieve excellence in the core business and then in peripheral activities with the outsourcing partner who takes responsibility for the challenge.

Sharing of the risk factor.

There was a time when the administrative authority takes up all responsibility for all employee levels in a firm. But now, outsourcing partners share a significant part of challenges; thus, the pressure upon a single head gets divided and gives the businessman to concentrate upon his work. This leads to improvement in achieving success. The outsourcing partner always shares risks during data loss, natural disasters, technical problems, etc.

Efficient use of time for upliftment of the company.

Even though the company is closed after its working hour, the outsourced partner has labours to work for the company twenty-four hours a day. Using shift will make work in due time.

On the whole, it raises the need for outsourcing as an essential factor because of its timely performance and high-quality achievements. The customers are happy with the best conveyance. It finds resources quickly and gets the work started. Outsourcing helped to grow the IT sector in India, using various countries’ projects.

AYOTI finds talented women at home to help the clients resolve a shortage of skills in the market. It works as an interface between clients and women’s talents. While meeting project management, AYOTI gets the work done at a limited cost. The model of AYOTI is according to the system and procedure with assured quality, timely project delivery, and satisfaction. AYOTI ensures payment at the right time after the use of resources from the talented women. Behind the social vision of making women empowered, AYOTI has other services like:

  • ARTISA- an online store to sell hand made and crafted hand products from skilled women.
  • LOOK AT ME- It is a place to display designer boutiques near you.
  • PARITRANA– Professional self-defence training overcoming physical abuse.
  • AYOTI CARE – expert CPR training for corporates.

AYOTI also shows expertise in other wide range of domains like cooperates, NGOs, research, Consulting, BPO, and IT. All work to engage and disengage models according to priority. It also provides seasoned staff at the time of need. AYOTI acts as a unique platform designed for future outsourcing.


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