Ayoti’s Paritrana: A Much Needed Self-Defence Training Ensuring Women’s Safety

Violence and discrimination taint women’s lives and hampers them back from society and the economy. The atrocities against women have become so high that it creates a severe threat to society. Certain surveys suggest that 30 percent of women in the age group of 15-50 experience physical violence at a much higher rate. And about 31 percent of married women experience physical, sexual, or emotional violence by their partners or other family members. The time has now come for a systemic change to eradicate this social evil cause against women in society. Many organizations now develop tactics and training ideas to ensure women safety making them eligible and fit to fight back.

Ayoti is committed to respecting and promoting women’s safety. Ayoti’s self-defense training program Paritrana ensures that women adopt personal safety habits against such violence. At Ayoti Paritrana, we focus on preventative measures where we train various self-defense techniques that aid in protecting you and your families.

Importance of Self-defence Training for Women

It feels great to know that you can take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Being able to protect yourself in any situation boosts your confidence and is also a reassurance for you. This reassurance can only be gained from self-defense classes like our Paritrana. We make you believe in the power of knowledge and practice with our self-defense classes. Some of the common reasons why we encourage women to take up self-defense training are:

  •   Find Your Voice and Set Boundaries

Through self-defense training, you develop a stronger sense of your physical self. You speak as if you have something to say without thinking to please people around you and will be able to take care of your own needs.

  •   Develop Greater Strength, Courage, and Confidence

This self-defense training not only gives you safety habits but also gets you into a better physical shape. When you are strong physically in your body, it will translate to every other area of your life. There will be even a significant rise in your confidence level and boosts up your courage to face anything in your life.

  •   Live Each Day of Your Life with Less Fear

Fear is so uncertain at times. With self-defense training like Paritrana, you will be able to conquer your anxiety with ease. This training will offer you practical tools on a physical, mental, and spiritual level to overcome daily fears and live a more powerful and self-confident life.

  •   For All Women and Generations of Women to Come

Another highlight of the training is the opportunity to form valuable and healthy relationships with other women just like you. While going for the training sessions, you will be learning and improving right alongside other women who will encourage and support you in your goals.

Finding the Right Kind of Training

A good self-defense class will teach you to be loud and will make you fit with effective striking techniques. So, finding the right kind of self-defense training programs can be done by considering the points below:

  1.     Type of Class

Have a clear idea of what type of training you need. Get an idea from someone who has already attended such classes and get their opinion on it. Check your convenient classes that also suit your physical stamina.

  1.     Age

It will be a vital factor that decides what kind of training class you might need. Some self-defense classes are not suitable for women, while some might only be suitable for women of a particular age group.

  1.     Self-defense Instructors

A qualified female self-defense instructor is a crucial factor to look out while searching for self-defense training classes. You will feel more convenient and confident when you get trained by the same gender to interact more with them.

Women’s self-defense is our primary motto at Ayoti’s Paritrana program. We focus on the psychology of violence, situational safety techniques, and how you can avoid being the attacker’s next victim.

Benefits of Learning Self-defence

Learning self-defense skills benefits women in a lot of ways beyond discovering how to protect themselves. It boosts their self-esteem and positively affects their positivity. Its benefits are well worth the investment and efforts that you put into it.

  •   Boosts your Confidence

With self-defense classes, you will boost your confidence level and have the ability and willingness to tackle your surroundings. Because self-defense sessions help you to prepare to face unexpected and uncertain things at any time.

  •   Safety

Self-defense is all about personal safety. The highlight of self-defense classes like Paritrana is to increase your overall safety in any situation. At Ayoti’s Paritrana, we teach you the techniques to disable an attacker and help you quickly escape from the attacks.

  •   Fitness

Our self-defense class not only focuses on emotional preparedness for an attack to happen but also on its physical preparedness. An intense warm-up followed by a variety of fitness techniques that improves your overall body condition.

  •   Self-discipline

To learn and grow your self-defense abilities, you initially develop self-discipline. You will be more motivated and dedicated than ever before. These classes will get you more focused on your protection and your surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, many classes help you to get trained in self-defense. However, a class taught by certified instructors is sure to be a clear winner for you. Ayoti Paritrana becomes the clear choice for choosing the self-defense training program that teaches self-defense for women in the most effective way.

The things that you will learn from Ayoti Paritrana are:

  •       We encourage you to step out from your fears
  •       We will teach you to stand up for yourself and your family
  •       We equip you with skills to defend yourself and to deal with aggressive behaviours
  •       You will develop a fighting spirit and resilience

How does Paritrana Stand Out from the Rest

Paritrana, the self-defence training program initiated by Ayoti Technologies, focuses on making women physically and mentally fit for any situation when it comes to any abuse towards them. We carve women to be bold and develop their inner strength with confidence, ensuring them to react rapidly and be alert to any form of harassment or assault against them. The training being conducted by National Karate Gold Medallist Sensei Suma S. is sure to make you aware of simple striking arts like punching, kicking, elbow strikes, etc, that are very useful for women’s self-defence and rejuvenates them, and identify the necessity of being bold and confident.


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