By Suhana Keeranthodika

Is Self-Defence Training Necessary for Girls?

Personal safety is the most important thing for everyone, girls also. It is necessary for girls unlike others because they are the most vulnerable beings. Self-defence training is necessary as it can improve situational awareness and good practices for personal safety. A lot of violent circumstances can be avoided in this way.

Being independent in every way is the best feeling every woman can have; mentally, financially, and physically. Still, for a lot of people, physical independence is just being healthy and doing some regular exercise. How about staying safe? Being able to defend oneself in all difficult situations is a confidence booster and also comforting. Self-Esteem that can only be achieved through some form of self-defence training.

Knowledge and practice are what is needed when it comes to self-defence. Let’s see why is it necessary for girls (ladies also) to have self-defence training. I emphasise the word girl, not women because it is always better to give training as early as possible so that it becomes a part of their life.

1. Self-Defence can be a Confidence Booster for Girls

One of the greatest benefits of taking self-defence training is the way it makes one feel afterwards. A lot of children these days are timid with their skills to protect themselves before they join the classes. This can be due to personal experiences, protective parenting or driven by the news. We learn much about the negativity prevailing in our society, and this can make people feeling unsafe. Self-defence training will create confidence in girls. Children face a lot of bullies in their school when they behave modestly. Self-defence training is a great way to defend oneself and grow confidence, and ultimately moulding to become a better person.

2. A Better Balance of Mind and Body

Ability to do two things at once without falling over is achieved through these kinds of training. Focus and balance of mind and body will be improved. Self-defence classes teach how to focus on a point while the victim looks after her body. Without balance it is almost unlikely to fight back.

3. Self-discipline is Primary for Everything

To learn and grow with intelligence, one has to develop self-discipline. Sometimes these girls have to self motivate and dedicate to attain the goal. Training and continuing to practice is important. Taking training classes of self-defence with discipline will keep them focused on their personal protection and surroundings.

4. Evolve from Being the Weak

While growing girls learn that they are weaker compared to their counter gender. It may be true but there is a fact that through physical training girls can also be strong just like boys or may be better than them. The whole point of self-defence training is to pretend and provide them with a condition that may bring harm to them. Physical conditioning is necessary in every sense. Training and practising make girls courage internally and externally when a state arises that may want them to fight.

There is a term called adrenalin dump. When someone follows you, you will encounter what is called an adrenalin dump. It’s your body’s way of reacting to the fight or flight situation. It remains only a few seconds, so you need to be physically modified to competently deal with a critical situation. If you are not prepared your body will not work when you have an adrenalin dump. Physical conditioning will work on your reflexes and your perception of an intervention. When you are fighting it is essential to be aimed both mentally and physically. If you are prepared, you will be more thriving in a dangerous circumstance and the adrenalin dump will not take all your strength and courage from you.

Is self defence training necessary for girls?2

5. Street Awareness And Being Conscious

Self-defence courses will make girls more conscious of their surroundings. Some of the training sessions have classes about the psychology of the attacker. Self-defence classes will help them to be cognizant at all times. Most of us will be shocked for a second if we face any unexpected assault, the training makes us take necessary reactions to defend ourself.

6. Respect Yourself and Each Other

The various martial art forms are focused on trust and respect. It teaches respect to oneself and to each other. This is a moral that everyone must follow in life. Training with a partner makes it practice. The training requires to defend without hurting each other, but still practice well. If you do not respect yourself it is impossible that others will appreciate you and have that shared faith.

7. It Helps to Develop a Positive Potential

Taking self-defence training sessions will encourage girls to acquire a kind of fighter spirit. If we are attacked the first thing we all want is to get away from the situation without harming ourselves. Self-defence classes can make you ready for the action and primarily for survival.

8. Manages to Bring a Fighter’s Reflex

At the time of an assault, one cannot stand around and wait for the attacker’s next blow, they have to take the move. Self-defence classes will improve your reflexes and you will earn a fighter’s reflex. A fighter’s reflex is distinct from your average reflexes. In typical situations, you react to something that occurs. When you are being attacked it may not be possible to fight back in normal conditions. Fighter’s reflex will allow you to progress swiftly and spirited in the situation. You will know where to step, stop and where to kick and punch. You will be trained for that.

9. Decision Making and Goal Setting Will be Easier

Girls also need to have great goals to achieve in life. Self-defence classes help you to practice setting goals and attaining them. Whether you need to hit a particular move or work hard to sense like you can defend yourself, you are setting a goal. This will help you in your everyday life as well as in academics. It aids you to form a drive that you may not have had before. If you take your goal setting thoughtfully within your self-defence classes, it can reflect into your bigger dreams as well, encouraging you to get through any tough circumstance that comes your way.

Is self defence training necessary for girls?3


10. Ultimately You Will Have a Positive Energy

Taking self-defence classes will always have a positive influence on your life. It can raise your spirits and make you a more bold and better version of yourself. It’s essential to grab habits that will make us happy forever.

Ayoti wishes a safe life for everyone including boys and girls. We provide self-defence training classes for girls and ladies through our programme called Ayoti Paritrana in and around Kochi for groups in educational institutions and corporates. We are striving to make you girls extra happy!


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