Exercises for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis like arthritis has now become a very common disease among women and as being a women myself and as I have seen the women in my family deal with this, I can say that it meddles with your daily routine in a very unwelcoming and disturbing way. The only way to deal with this bone killing disease is by strengthening the bones and making them healthier. And one of the easiest and ‘sure to give results’ method is Exercising. It is a time tested formula!

osteoperosis and the normal bones

Lets begin with the basic osteoporosis exercises. If you are not affected with this bone weakening disorder then these exercises will help you to prevent yourself from osteoporosis, and if already affected with the bone disease then exercising will help in getting relief from the pain and will aid in strengthening the muscles. When it comes to osteoporosis it is very important that the muscles get trained to become more stronger and flexible and to increase the bone mass to a healthy state.


Different types of Exercises for Osteoporosis exercises

1) Weight Bearing Exercises for Osteoporosis

2) Flexibility Exercises for osteoporosis

3) Resistance Exercises for osteoporosis

4) Yoga for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight Bearing exercises are one of the most recommended exercise for osteoporosis, as they help in making your bones stronger and aid in maintaining a healthy bone density. There are variety of weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis, few of them are of high density and few of low density type. If you have too weak bones, then you should not try high-intensity weight bearing exercises.

Few of the top weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis:

Brisk Walking

Dancing (Try Zumba Dancing 😉 )


Stair Climbing

Tai chi

weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Flexibility Exercises

The more the flexibility the better your physical performance and lesser chances of injuries. Flexible joints are less prone to fractures and breaking. By performing flexibility exercises for osteoporosis you can achieve high flexibility and avoid the painful fractures and breakages.

The flexibility exercises include

stretching exercises for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Resistance Exercises

lift the weight and drop your chances of getting a bone fracture! With the resistance exercises the bone loss can be averted and also certain studies have shown that, resistance exercises for osteoporosis can help protect the bones from external damage and also help in building new ones. So, in general resistance exercises helps in strengthening the bones and muscles and help in increasing the overall strength of the body. The other benefit of resistance training for osteoporosis is that it helps in slowing down the rate of bone loss.

  • Lifting weights

  • Resistance band exercises

  • Water exercises

Resistance exercises for osteoporosis

Yoga for Osteoporosis

Yoga has always been considered one of the best remedies to most of the health ailments even the deadliest one. And fortunately it has not left Osteoporosis in its target list. Yoga strengthens the bone and helps the bones to retain its calcium content, which directly affects the strength aspect and density of the bone. If you are a person who don’t like doing cardio or other such type of fast exercises you can opt for Yoga, it will not only help you physically but will also enhance your mental strength. Check out the Yoga poses for Osteoporosis.

Yoga for osteoporosis

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