Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is AYOTI?

AYOTI is a woman empowerment platform using the talents of women working from home and freelance job opportunities. It also provides career guidance in different fresh streams. It encourages women to work from their home’s convenience at their flexible timing, taking care of other household chores AYOTI believes that there are immense skills hidden and unused in the form of women’s talents willing to work, but got stuck inside the house because of homely duties.

  1. How to join AYOTI?

Kindly visit our website Snap-on “REGISTER'” then click on “Join,” and it will direct you to a basic sign-up form. It is a self-defining form. Please fill the form and click “Create'” to make your account. AYOTI sends a confirmation to your email id. Please remember to check the Spam folder if in case the email does not come to the Inbox. Click on the “Verify Your Email” link in the email. After verification, please log in using your email and password and when you enter your account or logged in, click on.

“Update Profile.” Fill up the General Details and Profile Details. Skill sets are mandatory. You can enter multiple skills using the + button. Enter the Work Experience Details and press the save button.

  1. How is the screening process?

AYOTI looks for talented employees and does not compromise with the quality of the outcome. Every project requires the right hands to work. There are a variety of projects in hand waiting, but because of a lack of resources. So once the time to start the project, a technical team will get in touch with you for conducting the interview procedure. AYOTI also comprises skilled employees for future projects. Hiring operation includes the first round of HR, evaluation, project distribution, and assessment of the project. A well-planned strategy in the hiring of employees allows a quick onboarding process and saves time and energy to complete pre-determined project work. Jobseekers are happy with disciplined job-assigning.

  1. How is the work allotted?

A Project Expert will coordinate the distribution of tasks among  AYOTI. According to AYOTI’s work aligning system, the hired AYOTIANs will get the tasks assigned, and the authority takes the responsibility to check and monitor the progress. The Project Manager will plan to get the undertakings allocated just as checking the progress. Reasonable cut-off time will be allocated, which should be followed by the recruited Ayotian. On-time reports expected by the Project Manager are from all the  Ayotians.

  1. What is ARTISA?

AYOTI is an online marketplace where people sell their art and craft to the world of people who are looking for antique model crafts and art designs. The shoppers’ quality of craftwork is determined to bring their craftwork from their fullest without losing authenticity. Artisa is an online platform where both shoppers and sellers of art and craft come together. The principal of the artist is to feature ethnic Indian art and craft in the original form.

  1. What is LOOK AT ME?

“LOOK AT ME” is an online platform for collective marketers of different fashion designs in the city to reveal their passionate product. They intend to bring the efforts of women entrepreneurs closer to people. Here many boutiques and designers show their expertise also makes it convenient for the shoppers to compare and buy.

  1. What is PARITRANA?

Self-protection is a significant need for ladies as they are helpless against attacks and assaults. Figures state that all ladies are the incredible possibility to become prey to crime anytime in their lives. Self-defence training is relevant.  AYOTI Empowers Women for their Self Protection.  AYOTI’s self-defence training programme “Paritrana” will help women adopt personal safety habits. This training programme focuses on self-defence techniques and effective strategies for women to free themselves from difficult and precarious situations.

  1. What is AYOTI CARE?

AYOTI care is a CPR training programme coming in the category of occupational HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST-AID Courses conducted in AYOTI. Cardiac arrest was among the youth and can strike with no warning. It can take place anytime. An irregular Heartbeat of the heart can cause some malfunction and disturbs the flow of blood to the brain, and other organs of the body are known as cardiac arrest. By acting fast, people can save their lives by providing proper training to increase their survival percentage. An irregular Heartbeat of the heart can cause some malfunction and disturbs the pro of blood to the brain, and other organs of the body are known as cardiac arrest.

  1. What are the services that can be outsourced to AYOTI? What are its benefits?

AYOTI undertake outsourcing activities like:

  1. Private secretaryship
  2. Clerical jobs
  3. Consultancy services
  4. All kinds of information technology job
  5. Accounting and payroll management
  6. HR outsourcing
  7. SEO and marketing

Major benefits of outsourcing in AYOTI is that it can accomplish a big task that is time-consuming in shorter times by providing additional labourers without delay to achieve the deadline.AYOTI reduces the requirement of permanent staff for seasonal work and imposes fewer obligations to keep.

  1. How working with AYOTI will make your business more competitive?

AYOTI acts as a medium between business firms and job seekers. It also ensures good quality products in the most cost-effective way. By saving time in search of employees, the clients of AYOTI can concentrate on their core business. Also, highly qualified talents ensure tremendous quality products that help in the firm’s upliftment.

  1. What about  AYOTI- Intellectual Rights and confidentiality?

AYOTI provides rights under intellectual property rights including, confidential trade secret protection, copyright, design, trademark rights and other types of rights. AYOTI owns a safe intellectual property right which is critical for the clients in developing and maintaining a company’s long-term revenue and increasing the value of profit share. It also helps in protecting technology and introduces the competition. Intellectual Property Rights means any assignment of rights about copyright, patents or trademark that allows the owner to use the product for a specific duration of time.



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