By Ankita Purohit

Horrors of Fashion Industries, What’s inside?

Horrors of fashion industry

We often come across various magazines filled with forever stipulated glam industries since everybody wants to know what models pose for what photo-shoot, wear what and reside where. And do not forget our urge to always know what kind of lifestyle they follow. Let’s face it. We daydream that kind of living as well, no matter how stupid and unrealistic that sounds. The reason? They seem more independent, fashionable, rich and adored by everyone because of the ‘temporary’ fame they gain over the years of struggle. Does the struggle end? We don’t know. Let me highlight some real-time based experiences that models go through and that seem to last forever (and it does in most cases).

1. Eating disorders – Models get psychologically vulnerable to the point that they starve most of the times. If they eat something, particularly desserts or sweets (yes, of course, at times!) they induce vomiting intentionally. This is a consistent process and there comes a point when they become anorexic and die. Anorexia is a disorder in which the models picture themselves as fat, despite of the obvious facts that they are the most awful living skeletons. They fear of getting replaced by thinner models and that is the key reason behind this disorder. There are many who have just one source of income and so they cannot afford getting fired.


2. Almost all employees are paid less – By the term all employees, I mean to say the dress designers, makeup persons, assistants, cameramen, and nearly everyone who is involved in the industry (even if it is a renowned one) face less payments and not on time in most cases. Forget about the interns since they are not paid at all.

3. Most of them do drugs, smoke and drink – Nearly all of them do either of the combinations (smoke and drink but do not do drugs, smoke but do not do drugs or drink, do drugs and smoke but do not drink, likewise). The workers in the fashion industries have loads of contiguous work for several hours and in order to sustain for longer they usually get such addictions.

models falling prey to smoking and drinking

4. The models’ career is unpredictable – No matter how young you started, how much work experience you have, or how many ramp walks you have done so far, once you start aging your career takes a halt. Many models are simply replaced because they get too familiar. So, it is not always about the age. In India, the range of age falls between 15 to 22 years for girls and for boys it is between 18 to 25 years of age. Apparently all of them are school or college drop-outs. Although there are exceptionals who are renowned ones and/or belong to a rich family, or have very ‘good’ terms with one or more of the employees having high designation, there is no age bar in that case.

5. Models or other interns fall prey of getting molested – The case could be either molestation or being asked for fruitful advantages willingly in the coming years so as to sustain in the race. They are in their tender age so have no idea of speaking out whatever isn’t right. Second thing is, they know that if they deny, others are ready in the queue. Their hunger and desperation is so intense that they do whatever is asked even if they know it isn’t right; later they too become used to this kind of life.

the moslestation in fashion industry

Not all models do drugs or smoke but the ratio is really less as compared to those who do. Only super models and show-stoppers are paid well, but obviously they aren’t the ones who are greater in number. Many girls at a very young age enter into this field and do anything for getting fame, success, ‘image’, at any cost, despite of being not paid well or on time or not paid at all. Because the thing is those who endorse the brands, the dress designers, show-stoppers, investors, etc. are usually from extremely rich and celebrity backgrounds and do not care much if given the payment lately. The industry will only stop if people will become more aware of the scenario and lesser folks go for interviewing there. But the present situation says different story. It is continually growing!

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