By Suhana Keeranthodika

How Can Women Become Successful Entrepreneurs After Marriage?

Married or not, women are into business/entrepreneurship these days more than ever. Many of them are coming up with new ideas, some of whom are picking their passion to make it their successful entrepreneurship. Statistics are unveiling the rise in the number of women business people since 2007, which is approximately 30%. As per the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the rate at which women entrepreneurship increased is 14% opposed to 5% among men.

After marriage, it might seem a little difficult to establish a business. but with proper research and time allotment, it is actually easier to manage entrepreneurship. The thing is you will have to convince your intention and determination to family members and your spouse. And also ask them to support you at least in the beginnings when you strive to hold in the industry (once you are established you will naturally get support). Let’s see what all we should do to make our business a successful one even after marriage.


Tips for women to become successful entrepreneurs after marriage

1. Have a Strong and Well-defined Aim: Being known about your goal is a deciding factor behind your triumph or failure as an entrepreneur. When you look at the successful female entrepreneurs in India or globally, you’d notice that they all hold a definite purpose for entering the business, which in turn impersonated effective in starting their goal.

2. Believe in Yourself even in the Middle of Criticisms: In order to rise triumphant in business, having trust in oneself is of serious significance. Because as long as you believe in yourself, possibilities are least for anyone else to conquer you. When it comes to your business, if you are confident enough, investors would put capital in your enterprise, and your employees also will work with positive potential since you own enough expertise to motivate them. Therefore, start working on building your self-confidence from today itself, and grow the belief that you do hold the characteristics to make your dream a successful one.

3. Launch your Business: Dreaming about your big business is obviously a good thing. But you should make a move to make it happen. If you don’t act now, when are you supposed to begin your long journey? Merely reading the success stories of famous women entrepreneurs may not take you towards your goal. Understand that time is NOW. Take the leap of trust, and start with whatever resources you possess.

4. Take Failure as a Learning Curve: Failures happen in business, and you have to expect it at any point. Keep it in your mind that to climb the ladder of success, you’re obliged to face many falls and delays. So instead of depressing over failure, you must learn to master them. Every failure is a lesson. Know that there’s no bypass to victory. If you research on the most successful women entrepreneurs, you would see that most of them are women who sustained their effort without paying any attention to their defeats.

For married women, two extremes may happen under situations like these, you may find how supportive your family is OR you may be pressurized to stop your journey. Here you have to be determined to stand back and convince them that you will be able to make a second coming.

5. Restrict yourself from Negative People and circumstances: Have you noticed while aging, I mean from childhood to adolescence to youth we will find more and more people becoming negative around us. That may be because we are noticing the evils around us when we are under stress otherwise everyone would be good to us. Just like that the probability to meet more and more negative people after marriage might happen.

You then have two choices – either you can ignore them OR you can overpower them with your smile and success. Avoid association with somebody who disbelieves you, walk away from people who pull you down instead of inspiring and uplifting you. And take all the negative comments and people as a challenge to prove yourself. That has worked for me in my life!


6. Build Network: It’s utterly impossible to build an extensive and productive business alone, but for married women that is comparatively easy. Your circle of known people is wide now and so building a network of beneficial/inspiring people for your business is more probable. A close-knitted and strong network holds an excessive amount of connections and association, which is necessary.

7. Use your Time Wisely: Married women usually find it hard to cope up with time. home duties, kids, work, so and so. Mostly married entrepreneurs undergo limitations of time. This is certainly quite natural as, unlike their male equivalents, they have to balance between different responsibilities together. Still, women entrepreneurs must take note of their business requirements along with watching after their own requirements and their family. This might sound quite troublesome but, if you want to see yourself at the tower of victory, then you should overcome this difficulty.

The main thing to concentrate here is to show up on to your work every day just like any office going employee. Do not think that it is your own business so you can be flexible. Make schedules and appointments properly. And do not mix up home and office. Do not bring your home affairs to work and do not take your office matters to bother your home. Hope this will do some.

Building a moneymaking enterprise isn’t an overnight effort. It’s a system that requires determination and dedication. Overcoming all the challenges in your path will clearly result in the conclusion of your dreams and hopes. Once you are established your beginning think about growing it. This probably includes marketing productively and efficiently for drawing leads.

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