Know what your eye color says about your personality! Revealing the secrets of eye color

Can you see a story in your beautiful Eyes?
Eyes are the most expressive part of our body. They have the ability to express all the non-verbal emotions in us and reveal what we are thinking. In short eyes are our windows to the outside world. From the slightest glance to the deepest stare, we can communicate everything through our eyes. Eye colors can reveal a lot about our personality and help us to know more about ourselves.

In fact eye colors are dependent on genetics but doctors and psychologists have connected certain eye colors to our personalities as well. Here is a fun way to match your personality with the color of your eyes..

Grey Eyes:Beautiful grey eyesIf you have Grey eyes, you will be sensitive but would be an owner of high inner strength and analytical thinking. You easily change your mood to any situation.

Black Eyes:Black EyePeople with black eyes tend to be very secretive until they come in their comfort zone.  They will be very passionate and loyal especially to their friends.

Green Eyes:green eyesPeople with green eyes possess a positive and creative outlook. They will be jealous and possessive to a certain extend. They stand out as mysterious as they belong to a rare category.

Brown eyes:

Beautiful brown eyesBrown eyes are the most common eye color. People with brown eyes are trustworthy, self confident and stable. They enjoy and like doing things independently.

Blue eyes:Beautiful blue eyeBlue eyes are said to be the most desirable one. Babies sometimes are born with blue eyes but it may change in two weeks after birth. People with blue eyes are calm and peaceful and are seen as most attractive.

So have fun matching the color of your eyes to your personality.

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