By Suhana Keeranthodika

Most essential fitness tips for women who have no time

Earlier, a woman didn’t consider associating the word ‘fitness’ with her. Her most effective workout was chasing her own children and shuttling from one room to another at home to fulfil others’ needs. THINGS ARE CHANGING!

Young woman now do not compromise on fitness even if she is a new mom or a very busy working women. For those who decide to stay fit, there are a lot of different approaches. First of all, determination is the key. For the women who barely have time to exercise and stay fit, they usually find some kind of methods. The most essential fitness tips for women who have no time are mostly recognised by themselves and coincidentally common.

Diet, hydration and exercise are the three things busy women ignore and that is exactly where they want to improve to stay fit for the long run.


Mistakes busy women commonly do

No breakfast. Starting from the morning, she skips the main thing for her body and brain – breakfast! Breakfast should not be skipped at any cost. The energy needed for a body for the whole day is ignited from this first meal of the day. Hence, include a variety of nutrients in it, literally feast for breakfast.

The busy life makes working women or even a busy home-maker switch healthy food with easy instant junk dishes. A small junk product may carry huge calories. Another common mistake is that, with an intention to reduce diet, women often buy low calorie/zero calorie or sugarless processed food from the market. They are actually very bad for health and fitness.

Forgetting or deliberately skipping drinking water. The ridiculous matter is that working women often drink less water so that they don’t have to walk to the wash-rooms often. Silly, isn’t it! But it’s a fact.

Intake of more carb than required. Yeah that’s true. Carbs need not always be the rice and breads. These could also be the cakes and cokes!

Untimely eating routine. We start our day skipping food and rush to office OR just finish the home chores, until we are hungry. Then we eat whatever is available around. If it’s in office, we rush to canteen or a restaurant; if it’s home then eat whatever leftovers are there in the fridge and pantry. Dinner is pushed to midnight and is heavy because of long-hours starvation.

Thus, unhealthy habits in eating and drinking. And what about exercises? Not at all or sometimes overdoing them. What’s your workout routine? Following are essential fitness tips for women who have no time.

Fitness tips for women who have no time

Due to the new roles women embrace these days, they are the prime victims of obesity and poor fitness. Moreover, the pressure of balancing home and career, women face a lot of challenges connected with their lack of exercise and improper diet. But complaining isn’t the solution; determining a way to balance between personal and professional life is what needed. These days women have taken fitness more seriously. They do yoga, hit gym, follow diet plans by consulting dieticians/nutritions, and more. Staying fit is in fashion guys. For womenmista who are busy throughout the day, it needs an extra effort.

1. Stay active and make use of every breaks throughout the day

We are talking about busy women who work eight or more hours a day at the office (or work-from-home). They are the ones who sit more. They can transform the normal ‘to and fro’ walk within the space into an effective exercise. By walking with a hands-free as much as practicable, standing up during meetings, or remain standing while working if there is no much typewriting work to do (do I sound absurd?). Take a short walk after lunch and tea, take short recesses every hour and walk around for a minute and then get back to the desk. There are options for women who don’t have time but they just have to make up their mind and do it.

2. Feast for the breakfast

Like everyone else working women should also maintain a proper diet along with the workouts in order to stay healthy. Breakfast is the most important among all meals because it allows to stay energetic by giving freshness to thoughts and activities. Eat a balanced breakfast including all varieties of food, fruits, vegetables and nutrients like carbohydrates, fats (good ones in limited amount) also should be included. Fresh fruits that carry glucose can hold sweet cravings. Dried fruits and nuts are also good.

3. Reduce refined carbs and processed food intake

Restrict refined carb-rich food products like cookies, chocolates, refined flour breads, white rice, etc. When you eat refined carb-rich food, it will increase blood sugar levels. Moreover it will generate extra insulin which in turn raise the fats in the body. Processed dishes that are easily available in the market actually contain ingredients that may be harmful if used more than required. Those who have planned for a fitness regime better avoid such packaged items.

4. Drink pure water at regular intervals

Adequate water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Just because working women sit doesn’t make it any less. Remember to drink water at fixed intervals, and keep a bottle within the reach of hand so that dehydration doesn’t happen. Do not alternate carbonated drinks for water as they contain unhealthy and high calorie ingredients.

5. Plan ahead and store healthy snacks

Store healthy snacks in the home pantry as well as in the bag. You might have noticed in celebrities ‘What’s in your bag’ programmes. They all carry a small container of dried fruits/nuts in their bags. On an everyday basis and while travelling, try to make it a habit of carrying a healthy snack. Even though you are a person who has the addiction of snacking throughout the day, healthy snacks will save you. So, stock up with all the healthy snacks to keep away from different lifestyle diseases.


6. Stretching is crucial

Women who sit more hours need to warm up their muscles before starting up exercises. A sudden start may lead to muscle injury sometimes. So prior to workout, begin at the lowest speed and increase it gradually. Heartbeat rate is also good to keep in mind. This is because a lower heartbeat rate will not boost your blood circulation and a very high heart rate suddenly may put the person at risk.

7. Schedule your workout

Usually, people schedule everything from grocery shopping to a doctor’s appointment. But when it comes to workout they become lazy and compromising, until they pay and schedule a workout. After all, without personal health, we can’t accomplish our best viable versions of ourselves. Plan a weekly agenda and arrange a fixed time every day. Gyms, yoga, swimming and other sports activities are good. Following this item regularly will minimise excuses of other commitments at that time.

Everyone may not be able to go outside to workout. So, here are some on-the-go tips to shake your body:

Wake-up to work out

Wake your resolutions up with these easy yet effectual workouts. These workouts do not need any gears except your timer. Use your watch, phone or wall clock at home as a timer. Make use of mobile apps available these days. Regardless of all the busy schedule, these workouts cab be performed at home easily right after waking up. No need to pack gym bag or ride to the gym to get workouts for abs. To name them out, Plank jumps, Plank jacks, Toe touches, Lower Belly workout, Hip lift, and more are in this list. You can check those on the Internet.

Fat Burning and Body Toning exercises

All you require is a set of medium-sized dumbbells and a yoga mat. Take it gradually if you are a beginner then improve your pace slowly.

Mini Cardio Shortcut Workouts

As we mentioned earlier walk around the office at break times, consider it as the cardio and do a little effort to walk free and quickly.

Do-Anywhere Workout

Design your own exercise time. You may not have time but still, you brush, take bath and walk, right? So, make use of such time and do some sit-ups and shaking OR shake your body with some energetic dance numbers at night! That will do.

8. Give attention to sitting posture

If you’re sitting, you may notice that it is more convenient to be at somewhat above eye level in front of the monitor. This benefits you see the screen vertical ahead without wanting to descend head in downwards angle, which often-times affects the bottom of the upper thoracic area into a slumping pattern. By adjusting the sitting position women can ensure a reduced back, neck and shoulder pains that are so prevalent amongst the corporate people.

9. Chart improvement status

Making a fitness report card for reference will keep one focused and inspired. Note down the titles of different interesting workouts, do it and grade yourself as you progress. This will encourage you to be motivated and will help you to see many improvements.

10. Never urge for results

Ultimately, identify that even if you follow all these tips, there will be ups and downs, delays and achievements. Just be stable, and don’t give up.

11. Staying Happy is also a Mantra of Fitness

When a person is happy and can laugh mindfully, their body will deliver feel-good hormones and this will stop the stress hormones. Hence, stay happy, smile, laugh, giggle as much as possible to achieve good health. Plus, laughter can tone facial muscles also.

12. Sleep well

Sleep is the base to support fitness routines and any other performances. Like exercises, sleeping time must be scheduled. Researches have revealed that healthy sleep habits can help women maintain their fitness and shape. Sleep also plays a positive role in increasing your productivity, energy and consequently decision-making skills. So, sleep well.

All these in total contribute women a better health and wellness, only a healthy person can achieve her dreams as she thought. What is your dream? Ayoti helps women to achieve some of her dreams by providing work-from-home opportunities in various profiles. Other than that, it also provides self-defense classes and CPR training.

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