By Anjaly Arun

Natural ways to improve your eyesight

improve your eyesight

Can you imagine life without eyesight…Of course not!. Eye is one of the most powerful organ in our body, which gives us sense of light. We use our eyes for doing daily activities including reading, watching television, enjoying nature, etc. With the eyes glued to the mobile phones and laptop screen for long periods our eyes get strained and looses its strength. Previously only elderly people used to have spectacles, but now even small kids need eye glasses. To keep your eyes healthy, relaxed and to have the perfect vision you should follow certain eye exercises. The eye exercises are simple to do and will keep the eye muscles strong and improves its functionality. You can do some simple things everyday to improve your vision naturally. It is not a time consuming process, you can do the same even in front of a computer or a TV. Just practice and do it regularly so that your eye will become healthy and strong. Here I am giving you small tips to improve your eyesight.

1) Get enough nutrition

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A , C and E along with copper and zinc all are important to the eye health. You may hear that carrot is good for eyes. This is because carrot is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. So include vitamin and nutritious rich foods in your daily diet that will improve your eye health and prevents possible diseases.

Foods for Eye Health

2) Eye Exercise

Have you ever done eye exercise? . It is the most recommended natural way to improve your eyesight. You can do it at any time. Better do it in a planned way so that, it will eventually become a part of your daily routine.

  • Start exercises by rolling your eyes. Roll your eyes in circular motion clockwise and anti clockwise without straining your eyes.
  • Hold a pen or pencil in front of your eyes, about 6 inches away from your nose. Keep sure that the pencil is in a straight position. Stare it for about 5 seconds and then 5 seconds for other object behind the pen. Try this for 10 times
  • To keep your eyes warm, rub your palms together for some time and place it over your eyes for about 10 seconds.
  • After exercise just massage your eyes. By using your thumb knuckles, massage your forehead, temples and just below your eyes.

Eye-Massage3) Rest your eyes

If you work on the computer for all the day, you must find time to rest your eyes. Just take a break of 10 minutes after a continuous 1 hour work or simply focus on something other than the screen. Also make sure that you are getting around 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will affect your eye’s health. So make sure that you are getting enough sleep that is vital for your health.


Nowadays, good vision is essential and critical for conducting daily activities. By having good food, enough exercise and proper rest, you can improve your eye health. So guys start doing these tips by today onwards and take care of your eyesight.

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