Osteoporosis – Everything a women should know!

It is a fact that osteoporosis is more common in women as compared in men, [nothing can be done, the physical structure ladies!] So, we really need to take care of our bones to avoid getting inflicted with this bone disease, as the old adage goes “Prevention is better than cure” .

So, let’s understand the reals facts about osteoporosis, the facts that every women should be aware of. In here you can learn how to prevent your bones from osteoporosis and if you already have the bone disease what are the remedies to get relief.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis (Osteo = Bones and Porosis = Porous) symbolizes a type of bone condition where the bones start loosing its strength and density. Your bones become weaker and thinning of the bones happens on an accelerated pace. The fragility of the bones increases the risk of breakage and fractures. The microscopic view of a healthy bone is similar to that of a honey comb. Whereas in the condition of osteoporosis if you see a microscopic view of the bones, you will be able to see that the bones have got lots of holes and hollow spaces.

Osteoporosis treatment

What causes osteoporosis?

There are many factors that can lead your bones to be affected with osteoporosis like your genetic make up, your diet, age, the bone structure etcetera. Usually women nearing menopause, at menopause or in the initial post menopause stages suffer from decrease in the level/production of estrogen in their body and are thus more prone to osteoporosis. Estrogen is one of the vital component that helps in maintaining a healthy bone mass. Then, osteoporosis can be hereditary as well, you are more likely to be affected with osteoporosis if you have a family background of the bone disease, like if your parents or grandparents have the bone disease, then there are high chances that you will also suffer from the bone disease. Your diet, and lifestyle also determines a lot about your bone density. Last but not the least your bone structure , if you have a small bone structure, the risk of getting affected with osteoporosis increases.

The above are the main factors that leads to the condition of weakened and fragile bones and increases the risk of fractures and fatal broken bones. But, don’t worry if there is a problem there has to be a solution. Below are the preventive methods and remedies for osteoporosis.

The risk factors of Osteporosis

The Preventive methods for Osteoporosis

Don’t be a victim be the victor! Small changes in your lifestyle and you don’t have to face osteoporosis your entire lifetime! Yes it is very much possible to avoid this condition to happen to you and prevent yourself from all the pain and agony associated with osteoporosis. But, there are no free lunches, there are no results without efforts! Here’s is what you need to do to prevent yourself from osteoporosis.

Prevention methods for osteoporosis


Exert and enjoy! Include in your daily routine bone strengthening exercises. Bone strengthening exercises helps in increasing bone density and keeping the bones stronger and healthier. Exercise also helps in increasing the flexibility of the body , thus reducing the risk of fractures. But make sure that you are not overdoing it.

Diet for osteoporosis

Calcium, Calcium, Calcium! A regular supply of calcium is a must for keeping your bones hale and healthy. Also include food for osteoporosis in your diet chart. Include as many calcium rich food items in your daily food routine as possible. Also pamper your bones with vitamin D. Let the morning sun seep into your skin and bones. Vitamin D helps in enhancing body’s efficiency of absorbing calcium.

Avoid medicines that increases osteoporosis risk

There are various medicines (antidepressants, certain vitamin A medications, blood thinners, antacids, chemotherapeutic medications etc. ) that plays with your hormone levels and bone mass indirectly. So, avoid such type of medicines as far as possible.

A complete NO to smoking

Smoking is not just dangerous for your lungs, its equally or more harmful for your bones. Researches have shown that smoking affects the estrogen levels and increases the risk of osteoporosis. When you consider the health aspect, in every way it is better to extinct smoking from your existence to save yours.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol is directly proportional to bone loss. The more you drink the higher are the chances of you loosing your bone mass and suffering from osteoporosis. So, limit your alcohol intake, if you cannot completely stop it.

Osteoporosis treatment / Osteoporosis remedies

The Osteoporosis chart

As a nature lover I always prefer natural remedies and there is a strong reason behind it. First it is safe, second its effective and third it is affordable. So , I would prefer you go with natural remedies for osteoporosis.

The medication for osteoporosis that doctors prescribe usually are Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva etc. but these should be taken under the guidance of experienced medical professionals and the rules should be strictly followed while taking these medicines as they come with their own negative side-effects.

So my dear ladies just a little bit care and effort from your side to lead a happy and healthy life. If you have any doubts or concerns please post it in comment.

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