Pet Dogs – Are They Beneficial To Humans ?

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself ” – Josh Billings

Ever thought of having a pet? But, will it be healthy for your family? Yes, as ongoing studies are proving it. Many a top universities and researchers have come up with the conclusion that having a pet is actually good and healthy for you and your family.

Pet researchers have been successful in proving the benefits of having a pet are actually good for the physical and mental well-being of your family. There are a number of health benefits for children as well as adults when it comes to raising a pet in the household. Let us have a look at it….

Health benefits for children:

Studies conducted at top universities have proven that having a pet in the family, right from the early stages of a child would assist in developing his/her physical and mental well-being.

  • If your child gets exposed to pets from an earlier stage, he/she will be less prone to allergies and asthma. This will also help to develop a stronger immune system.

  • Children develop a sense of compassion, empathy and will feel more responsible in looking after their pet.

  • Dogs don’t behave like parents; as they never criticize or argue with kids. So, children will feel more relaxed and secured if their pet is all-time around.

  • Dogs impart unconditional love and loyalty helping kids to build strong and happy relationships with others. Further, this will help him/her in creating a positive self-image.

  • Playing outdoors with a pet dog can stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination.

  • Training a dog in the presence of your young ones will assist them in developing patience and perseverance.

  • Having a pet will greatly help to calm kids who are hyperactive or aggressive. But, make sure both of them are trained to behave properly among themselves.

  • Children who are autistic or having other learning disabilities are better to behave with pets than people. As autistic children rely on non-verbal communication, their interaction with pet dogs will equip them to regulate stress and gradually overcome their disability.

pets - health benefits for children

Health benefits for adults:

Cuddling a pet greatly helps to overcome depression, stress and anxiety among adults. By offering unconditional love towards their owner, pets assist in fighting feelings of loneliness which is apparent among the sick and elderly. Here are some added advantages…

  • Dog as a personal trainer: If you own a dog, you have to take it for a walk or run at least twice a day. You are prone either to lose or maintain weight if you are the one who is holding the leash. Dog owners who take their furry pets for a walk are less likely to be obese than those who pass it off to someone else.

  • Dog as a socialiser: Pets help to start and maintain new friendships. Dog owners find friends in dog parks, pet stores or at the pet clinic.

  • Dog as a companion: Animals have no worries about the past, present or future and so, a pet dog. Regardless of all those factors, it offers love and affection by wagging its tail or by licking. Mere stroking or cuddling your pet canine, on returning home after a stressful day at the office, makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

  • Playing with your puppy help to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine; which are neurotransmitters that keep you stay calm and relaxed.

  • Dog owners have low blood pressure, low cholesterol and low triglyceride levels which reduces the risk of heart failure.

  • Patients having pets tend to recover much faster than those who don’t have any. Also, studies have made it clear that heart patients with pet dogs survive longer.

pet dog -health benefits for adults

The main reason for these healing effects is that pet dogs accomplish the human need to touch. Researchers have made it clear that even, hardhearted criminals showed gradual changes in their behaviour and most of them expressed mutual affection for the first time after interacting with dogs. The dog is really an intelligent animal, as it can understand most of the words we use and is very good in interpreting our voice tone, body language and gestures. A pet dog will always be loyal to us like a trustworthy friend as it can understand our state of mind, what we are thinking or feeling; by just looking into our eyes.

Pets are a good way to get rid of your blues. Think about the healthy lifestyle changes that can be acquired by having a pet dog like, an increase in exercise which helps you and your dog to stay fit and healthy, maintain happy relationships, reduce anxiety, to be stress-free etc. There is one in my family, named Linux, a Staffordshire bull terrier pup, just 2 months old and he’s living with us for the past one month. My family enjoys the times they get to spend with our puppy especially, my daughters; elder aged 4 and younger aged 2. Actually, we are keeping a pet for the very first time and we are enjoying. So, what about you?

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