By Suhana Keeranthodika

Role of Education in Women Empowerment | Why is it Important?

Every girl child has a right to equal educational opportunities. Women form more than 60% of the world’s total population which make them a necessity in education. Unfortunately, in some countries, girl-child education is neglected or given less importance compared to the boys counterpart due to cultural beliefs or social stigmas. Women are seen as only relevant in the kitchen, procreation purposes, and care-taking.

Women are more kind towards the needs of others and have a more satisfying perception of social arrangement. An educated mother will ensure that her children are educated, and will consider the education of a girl child, equivalent as boys.

Education makes women more self-confident and enthusiastic; they become more conscious of their rights and can establish their voice upon exploitation and violence. A society can never progress if its women suffer in silence. Education is a way to carve out a progressive track for their own along with the people around them.


Reasons Why Education is Important for Women

Education acknowledges

Education shows us what is happening around the world, what has happened, and what is going to happen. It gives an experience without an experience literally. It liberates the mind. Whether you are into the sciences, history, literature, languages or social sciences, you are winning acquaintance. You instruct yourself about the world, about how nature, personalities and societies work. Books which educate, open up our minds to places, people and opportunities we had never have imagined. Henceforth, an educated woman will also be a liberated woman.

Education makes differences diminish

Education empowers us to break down all walls, say for example, religion, language, culture, gender and geographic. An educated woman will not prejudge other people based on these barriers. She will be humble and modest to treat everyone equally. This can form a nice way of promoting regional, national and international integration.

Improved Health and Hygiene

In underdeveloped countries and developing countries, in the places where education is unaffordable, they are unfortunate to live in unhealthy living conditions.

Women are more worried about the health of their family and have a great sense of hygiene too. Education makes them aware of unhygienic practices and also they learn how to be preventive. For example, Vaccinations against critical diseases are given by government authorities freely but lack of awareness leads to ignoring all these that make the young generation suffer.

Hence, it becomes important that women who are taking care of the family and children so far get educated so that they recognize the health risks and are confident enough to act prudently to reduce them.

Choices and decisions of an educated person are valued

Learned women’s decisions and choices are considered in society regardless of the prevailing patriarchy. Yet even that happens gradually. Acceptance doesn’t happen in a day or two. Studies open up new worlds to women; it will allow them to make their own choices, in everything – whether be their lifestyle, profession, or life-partner. Education will prepare them to distinguish between wrong and right and make the right choices in life. Plus it will also motivate them to be independent, make their own opportunities and not stoop down to anyone or any situation.

Education motivates Women to fight against evils

Education will stir women into protesting against the social evils which still bother society. An intellectually liberal woman will actively fight against evil systems like dowry, domestic abuse, rape, molestation and sexual harassment, and action of degrading women in general. She will confidently and logically fight against misogyny and patriarchy.

Education fosters independence

Depending on someone for survival will make life miserable at some point. Educated women of today are standing on their own feet. They recognise their sovereignty over their lives. In other words, they can live life on their own terms.

Financial Independence

Education, these days, enables women to follow their passion. Today, women are designing their own career. Other than traditionally accepted doctor, engineer, teacher, they are now also becoming businesswomen, motivational speakers, crafters, travellers, and many more. Once they learn the tactics of a profession that can bring it to their terms. They are earning fame and money equally. Depending totally on a man to give her a house, food, clothing and shelter is going to become an old story, soon! Today, women are leading good lives just like men. There are countless examples to support this statement.

role of education in women empowerment

A Better Economy

When a nation comprises of more than half the population of women, and they choose not to educate them or let them get an earning, then the total development of a nation is half the rate. Instead, if they choose to contribute to the workforce it will improve the output, and hence, the economy will develop. All fields should get its benefits, say healthcare, education, arts, science, literature, you name it!

This will provide considerably to the progress of the society, both culturally and economically, and will also maintain its human development indicators (HDI). Women can support through their work and get rid of a list of problems. For example high maternal mortality rate, high rates of gender disorder and other violations against women, child sex exploitation, female foeticide, lack of family planning, and other unacceptable systems.

Better Standard of Living

Better standard of living for the family is one of the benefits of educated women. A family relying on double income is more satisfied and happy than a family which relies on a single one.

An educated mother will make as good as the father of the family and will look after the financial requirements in a more planned manner. Two incomes under the same roof will gain the quality of living and also guarantee better education and means to the children.

Honour and Confidence

A woman is the honour of a house, and a society is judged depending on how its women are satisfied and how much they are educated. It is only when a woman is able to preserve her own pride and confidence, that she will be able to preserve the dignity and honour of her people. An uneducated woman, unfortunately, may lack the audacity to speak for her own dignity while an educated woman will be bold enough to fight for it. After all, every society and its individuals who pull back women from getting educated or independent, respects those women who have already made their name. Irony, isn’t it!

Educate a man and you will educate one person, educate a woman and you will educate the whole family. Educating a woman can literally make more generations of understanding people.

Only a society that educates, empowers and respects its women can become an exceptional society. Education is a woman’s right and her parents and society should assist to fulfil that.

It takes a combined effort of the government and society in generating equal opportunities for education and improving the enrollment of girl-children into schools. This in itself overcomes poverty. On the long run, an educated woman will actively participate in a better role in instructing her children through their future.

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