By Ankita Purohit

The things that women are most worried about!

anxiety, stress and depression

It is quite evident that women are more prone to anxiety, stress and depression as compared to men. They tend to worry even about the minute things that most men are less likely. Getting worried at times could be natural in order to save oneself from potential danger but overly worrying about an impractical situation which is often the created scenario that isn’t close to reality, leads to frustration and chronic depression. Here are some list of things that women worry the most:

1. Not having a clue towards where the life is heading – Most women in their 20s want to be financially independent and have a growing career. They also expect to find someone who is worth having to be with the rest of life. This is not true in every case. Either you get the love of your life with whom you plan to marry and have kids or make a leading career. There are very less chances that you get both privileges, or even worse, neither!

Everyone wants perfect life and many start dreaming that during the teen years but reality may not meet your expectations because life isn’t a fairy tale with a castle, a prince charming and a garden of roses. It does cost us something which ultimately leads us to more maturity with time. We ALWAYS get what we want in that “perfect” timing. Just be positive, wait and see for yourself. Unnecessary worries wouldn’t lead you anywhere, but failures and misery.

2. Comparing oneself with other women – You might have come across through your Facebook account that your newsfeed is flooded with numerous marriages, pregnancies, babies, promotions, world tours, awards, and what not. Does it scare the hell out of you? Are you secretly jealous because your childhood friend met Mr Right but you had a break up a month ago or so?

First of all people are obsessed with showing just a part of their life. It just appears as if they are leading a perfect life having dines and wines at exotic restaurants. They too deal with financial crises most of the times just like you and that’s always kept hidden. So, stop comparing your life with others.

3. Appearance – Most women criticize themselves the most when it comes to appearance. They never feel they look good even if they look perfectly alright. The reason? Their habit of comparison. They will always find another women thinner, fairer, sexier and a perfect fashionista and this comparison ruins their day.

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A person always needs to feel confident in their own skin. This doesn’t mean that one must stop taking care of herself. If you plan to join a gym to shed some weight, it is indeed a perfect idea, but being overly obsessive with the looks to the extent that the moment you don’t put on lipstick would ruin your self-esteem in just a few seconds is impractical. May be the skinny women you think looks stunning has so many nutritional deficiencies or half of your age. Isn’t it natural to look older than those who are mere teenagers? You too are younger (and obviously look younger) than those women who are double of your age.

4. Thinking about someone special – Does he like me the same way as I do? Is he “The One”? Should I say yes if he proposes? Why didn’t he text/call me? Why is he not proposing me?

These questions never end and so do your absurd worries. If he didn’t call or text you, just do that by yourself. If you think you are the only one who initiates everything, simply stop contacting that person and focus your mind on something productive. He may or may not contact you and that depends. The person who is truly interested in you will always make time for you, no matter how busy he is. If he doesn’t value you, he needs to go, forever. You will be thankful to yourself later in life for not committing to the wrong guy.

5. Ending up all alone – Women have a hidden fear of living all alone for the rest of their life even if they know they have few people to whom they feel close to. They often think about the worst possible scenario like breaking up with the perfect mate or death of loved ones, or something similar.

One must not let the fear conquer their mind else there will be less chances of something positive in the coming future. Even if nothing happens in real, the negative mind makes the scenario of misery, and the person is drawn to chronic depression. Getting out of depression is extremely challenging so better you don’t fall into it at the first place.

6. Raising up a point – Women fear being judged and so even if they feel something happening must not be happening, they still remain silent.

You will find too many judgmental folks out there who will definitely criticize you even if you try really hard to be an ideal good women. So, why not speak your heart out even if it costs you less of an image? The good people will always see good in you and vice-versa. It is impossible for anyone to please every single living being on this planet. So, live your life the way you want it to be.

7. Getting harassed/dominated/molested/raped – It is a harsh truth that women are most vulnerable when it comes to security issues. They have to deal with any one of such things once in a month at least. This is the reason why many of them fear getting molested or worse, raped.

My advice is simple. Always avoid quite places and have a backup plan ready if you have no option other than going through dark and quite streets. Keep things like a small knife, pepper spray, etc. in your purse and remember that in what exact places these are in. These things for self defense must be easily accessible in the time of need since no one is going to give you even a few seconds to do something right away.

8. Getting older – This is also one of the very common point in the list of things that women worry the most. Women, as every other living entity, age too. They tend to get more conscious of gray hairs and wrinkles and cannot face the public places if anything gets revealed. The society views women as the most attractive folks and to maintain that every woman tries really hard to be up to the mark.

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Aging is a natural process. You are born to ultimately die at the end. Everyone else will experience the same thing as you do. Embrace your existence and live your life to the fullest. No one likes a depressed and frustrated person who doesn’t smile at all even if she is a young teenager of flawless skin. A smiling face makes the day of the person as well as the others around them. Ever heard of positive aura? This is what it is!

Above list of things that women worry the most are the most common ones which does not imply on every woman’s thinking process. These are commonly experienced by majority. Being stressed out and anxious at times is natural and there is hardly anyone who never went through that kind of phase. It is evident that those who never handled worries and depressions are at greater risk of the same thing later in life; others get mature with time and cope up quite easily. So being worried isn’t a bad thing, but extremely worried certainly is.

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