By Suhana Keeranthodika

Top reasons why women should never give up working at a professional level

Being a person who has experienced the perks and perils of three different roles (homemaker, working women, work-from-home mother) of a woman, I can honestly tell you, it is never a good idea to give up working at a professional level. Every role has its own merits and demerits. For instance, for a homemaker/stay-at-home-mom she will be occupied with her home chores one after another and may be exhausted physically at the end of the day. Moreover, all these tasks go unnoticed and unappreciated leaving her drained mentally too.

On the other side, when children are having some sickness or any important exams, you may want to spend the whole day with them. In that case, being a homemaker is advantageous. Likewise, for a working mother, she may wake up a little early and finish all her home duties in the morning itself and rush to office. There she gets a chance to solve some challenging tasks which may be appreciated. Hence, at the end of the day she will feel fulfilled.

Right now, let’s go through some of the advantages enjoyed by women and the reasons why she should never give up working at a professional level.

Improved Self-esteem and Confidence

For a woman, a job is not just about money. It is also about self-esteem, self-confidence, a realisation of one’s own potential and insight of accomplishment. Understanding that one is a great home-maker, has everything in order in the house and keeps it perfect. But being valued at work for getting a deadline met professionally are two different things. I would restate that this has got nothing to do with competition at the workspace. It is simply one’s own wish for this kind of appreciation. And this is exactly the reason why women should remain doing something in a professional way, for as long as they can, along with their family obligations.

reasons why women should never give up working professionally

More of a Content and Happy Person

People in our society think that the constant effort of balancing between job and family cause severe stress and depression for working women. Actually, there could be a small level of stress while managing the chaos but it will be solved sooner or later. The thing is, it won’t become a reason for severe stress or depression.

Several studies and surveys have confirmed that working women/mothers are less stressed out than non-working ladies. While working ladies hold a lighter state of mind, stay-at-home women have to deal with more depression and stress. The studies also have revealed that the mental health of stay-at-home women improve when they start working outside the home. Maybe because working women are not getting time to overthink and complicate silly issues.

According to a subjective study, women who maintained a job after motherhood experienced no sign of depression but ladies who had to quit the job for delivery and child-care underwent a higher level of emotional discomfort.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is real. The most important factor that controls the quality of a woman’s life cannot be ignored. Even though she is bestowed with a rich father or husband, earning by herself is more valuable. It is one of the most liberating perspectives that she needs to lead a quality life with respect. When women are financially stable, they can carry their own expenses, and they do not need to ask money from their partner. The simple example is they don’t have to take their partner’s money to gift them (lol). Home-makers often suffer a feeling of guilt. They might feel embarrassed demanding money from their partner or father. Earning money will give a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Financial independence is allowing woman to be on the safe side. We don’t know when we are really going to need our money. Circumstances have this tendency to change often and unexpectedly in life. So, earning is security to women.

Secure and Happier Old Age

If I am sticking on to a job, this is the main reason. I am in my thirties and I have already started thinking about what I will do when my children move out for their higher studies, work, and their own life. All of today’s turmoil will disappear suddenly. I am sure I won’t be able to bear that isolation and emptiness.

So, if I have work or at least the finance to do something at that old age, maybe I will be able to hold my happiness. And I have seen the distress of parents who have to ask money from their children for each and every small thing. It is obviously the duty of children to take care of their old parents and there is no need to have humiliation to ask them anything at all, but already old age is a depressing stage with emotional dilemmas. And every little thing turns out to be sadness. The difficulty of a lack of satisfaction and boredom experienced by non-working women becomes rigid as they become older.

Opposite to this, working ladies with a good career enjoy a better life where they have a lot of means to find positive support outside the home also. Working women may see the world and life through a broader angle and with a bigger possibility.


If you have lived as a home-maker you might have faced the question ‘what are you?’ or ‘Are you not working?’ many times. Some women proudly answer “I take care of my family and home” because they are satisfied with that. But for most of them, even though they answer it quite well, they will feel a kind of humiliation inside. And if the same person transferred into a working woman she will really feel happy to say, “Yes, I am working and I am working in this place, so and so…”.

Having an identity of our own increases our confidence to face society. A woman’s identity is not just in being a good wife, good mother, good daughter/daughter-in-law. It’s for the self too.

why women should never give up working at a professional level

Greater Social Connections

Being a wife or a mother will keep you engaged and busy, but still, you may feel lonely at times if you didn’t get chance to see and talk to people who are of your own age or kind. The day of a stay-at-home-mom mostly roams around their family members and kids. They don’t get a chance to interact with people from various walks of life.

Working lets women to connect with diverse people from diverse experiences. Interacting with them opens their mind and expands viewpoints. They watch life ahead of the four walls. It also benefits in enhancing the personal and professional maturity of a woman.

You Serve as a Role Model for Kids

A strong woman who balances her professional life and family with much calmness has a large influence on her children. Their effort of supporting both family and job indirectly plays a vital role in the life of their kids.

When your kid sees that his or her mom is achieving everything, from work to their homework, they get motivated and begin to regard you as their role model. Added benefit is that when they get older they will tend to see their colleagues, both men and women, equally because they have seen their mother doing extra work to be equal.

You Support Family Financially

Being financially self-sufficient you not only support your family but also give your kids a better future. Sometimes the wife’s second income may turn into only income due to unlucky events in life. The financial security of the lady and her family is risked then. But if you are working and capable to earn there is no need to worry. In another case, a double income of husband and wife brings financial stability in these times when everything is becoming expensive. Enjoyment of a better life together becomes true if both are working.

It is a golden chance to learn more

Working in a professional level benefits more knowledge than while you stay at home even if you work at home. Learning is one of the primary pillars of personal and professional growth in life. You may get a chance to train yourself with new techniques and technologies; you may also get a chance to attend beneficial in-house and outside seminars. The list is huge.

Ayoti is a platform exclusively established for women to excel in their profession without compromising in their family responsibilities. We have in-house, part-time, work-from-home opportunities for professional women to maintain their career. Do not give up your career. It is as important as everything else!

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