By Ankita Purohit

Why most women gain weight post marriage?


It is not surprising if I tell you that most women tend to put on more body mass right after they tie the knot, because chances are you already know it, based on your personal observations or own experience. The fact is frustrating because most of us cannot predict its uncertainty, its hows and whys, and once it shows up, it clings till lifetime! But we owe an explanation so that we could get rid of it, or at least, do not let it elevate even more deteriorating our bodies. How about mentioning some points that evidently prove that the reasons could not be any less considerate?

1. Change in the eating schedule – A newly married woman has a significantly drastic change in her eating schedule because her new home has different expectations and norms. For instance, you might be adding less ghee and oil in your diet before you got married but your in-laws are used to having lots of it. The timings of having lunch and dinner also count because your body was in the habit of eating strictly at 1 o’ clock and 8 o’clock for like 20 or more years, but since you have the duty in the kitchen as well, you prioritize yourself at the end when everyone is finished with their meals. Chances are you feel extremely hungry and end up in swallowing more than required.

Women also follow a strict diet plan months before their marriage, especially during the countdown days. Eating heavily takes a toll in the body because it wasn’t used to this unexpected behavior.

2. Having left overs – This is so common scenario in Indian households. Women never want that their cooked food gets wasted and so even if they had their meals they will still eat the leftovers of their husband (and/or in-laws) on daily basis, thereby adding more calories than sufficient.

3. Restaurant visits – The newly married couple go to restaurants more frequently than anyone. It’s usually once or twice in a week. Since the outside foods are high in carbohydrates and fats, putting on pounds is no big deal. Having a large variety of junk and not exercising at all results into more bodily fats which do not burn at all.


4. Embarrassment – You might feel embarrassed in asking for healthy food items such as fruits and salads, and on the contrary are used to having sweets quite frequently because you visit a lot of friends’ and relatives’ houses, and obviously they offer variety stuffs in front of you; denying it all the time seems rude. A newly married woman wants to impress everyone and cannot risk negative judgements. So, they do whatever they feel is right in the eyes of others.

5. Hormonal fluctuations – Since Day 1, most women find themselves stressed out and anxious of what comes next, post marriage. A lot of overwhelming emotions hit them like how her husband and in-laws would treat them, whether her and their expectations would be fulfilled or not, and much more. Living literally with strangers is a challenge in the beginning, leading to hormonal imbalance. This means that whatever and whenever they eat will have an impact on them, depending on the biological metabolism they have at this point.

6. Pregnancy – It is pretty obvious that if you are pregnant you are going to put on weight and this will continue till you make a conscious attempt to lose it. It is recommended to eat what your doctor advises you and not care about weight gain. Once you are done with the breastfeeding phase, you are suggested to start exercising post this, roughly when the baby turns between 6 to 12 months. Also, the dedication at this time is tremendously needed because your body wouldn’t respond as it used to in your teens and early twenties. If you haven’t yet crossed 25 years of age then congratulations, less struggles are on your way!

women gaining weight after marriage

7. Late marriages – Women who marry later in their life, say late 20s or during 30s, have to struggle with weight management because even if they eat as a normal adult, they might not get positive results, unless their comfort zones are hugely provoked; and since marriages always change their overall schedule of diet and lifestyle, they might not return back to their previous body shape.

The reasons are clear now, so now is the time to revert back what it was before. Join a certified gym or yoga classes, preferably with your life partner. Do not eat too much of sweet treats and avoid visiting restaurants every now and then. If there is no much option left then try to have something like salads, fruits and juices right before you start any meal so that you feel full and munch fewer than regular on those unnecessary trash.

You may also change some of your regular habits such as avoiding eating out of boredom, parking your vehicle at a specific distance so that you prefer walking, climbing on the staircases instead of using an elevator, and so on. Try to have a specific time to have your meals. It is always advised to have heavy breakfasts full of protein, fibre, essential calories, calcium, etc. to start your day and never ever skip this morning meal, because it literally decides how your metabolism should function throughout the day.

If you are one of those people who have put on some weight and likely put on even more, it is time that you pay attention to your health before it’s too late. For those who have already added 10 to 15 Kg, do have a deep thinking on your weight management plans. Never get fooled by special capsules and food stuffs that sound promising because it is too pleasing if someone says “no diet”, “no exercise”, ignoring the actual facts that you have no idea about. It is possible that someone else’s weight management schedule might or might not suit you. It would be best if you visit a registered dietician. Do NOT starve because it will eventually lead to depression and more food cravings.

The willpower is all it takes when it comes to accomplish something. You need to dedicate exactly like you did when you were appearing for entrance examinations, cracking for interviews, preparing for paper presentations, etc.

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