Why not a Girl Child?

Since the medieval period came into existence we cannot say that every household in today’s world see the birth of a girl as a boon, and everyone does not consider it as a curse either. Why on earth would a person tag the birth of a girl child being a curse? The answer is indeed simple. When we look at the surroundings there are so many social evils, such as dowry, murder, sexual harassment, etc. Despite the fact that males too are kidnapped, raped and murdered why the society is so much obsessed with the dignity of a woman?

First and foremost comes the safety of a girl especially when she is a child or a teenager. India is not considered a safe country due to so many recent events published in the news. A responsible citizen must not sit at home and criticize the surroundings without doing anything. I do not mean to give away some amount of money to charity. If a couple has both boy and a girl they likely give more freedom to their son and not daughter. Since beginning the sons are taught to be rough and tough guys and girls are taught to be fragile and delicate like little princess who needs bodyguards in the time of necessity. They are never taught to take the matter in their own hands or to fight back in the time of need. On the other hand, boys are taught to protect their sisters, mothers, wives, daughters and the whole family. There is high probability that they develop male ego with a mindset that they are free to do anything with whoever they want and the other party is not going to revolt against them. A study suggests that rapists tend to take back their steps if a woman thrashes them with confidence. This is what needs to be done! Do not get hesitated or let their anger over-power your psychology. Every parent needs to teach their daughters to stand up against the wrong actions, no matter how much complicated the case seems on the surface. Let them join the martial arts or tactics of self defense to elevate the self esteem even more.

The Beautiful Girl Child

Dowry is the gift given by the parents to their daughter in order to begin a new journey of life in her completely new household. When this ‘gift’ is given by the parents at their own will provided that the types and the amount will be decided solely by them then there are no issues but since a few decades it is decided by the groom’s side that what stuffs have to be given compulsorily and this is continually growing. If we talk about the law and order only the bride has the right to make use of the dowry, not even her husband. But this is not the case. They demand and take everything from her and the greed doesn’t stop here. Chances are they demand for more even after the marriage or having kids. Many cases of murder and suicides are recorded that go pending for years and never resolved. First of all it’s the parents’ fault to marry away their daughters to those who demand their needs in the beginning of the proposal. If every couple decides that they are not going to give the dowry against their will and capacity to spend, there will be a drastic halt in such cases. No one wants their son being a bachelor forever!

Some parents of the groom’s side do not demand at the beginning but as the marriage days approach they ask since they are pretty confident that no one is going to deny at the end moments. Here again comes the parents’ responsibility to refuse and cancel the marriage at any cost. It is better to never let your daughter get married, than to marry her to a money sucker devil!

Dowry a SIN

Some couples simply do not want a girl child because as per their mindset a girl might get involved with guys, get pregnant before marriage and will smash their self image in the society. A common middle class person is raised with such beliefs and so if they have a girl child they put numerous restrictions on her. They do not allow her visit different places or cities. They marry her soon to protect her dignity as per society’s norms.

We live in the 21st century and people still need to work on small issues. If a girl chooses a groom for herself who does not belong to her own caste or religion is because the person is suitable for her own criteria which she has set on her mind as a perfect definition of a husband. We make the society. If parents start supporting their sons and daughters there will be changes but someone needs to step forward for this initiative.

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