By Ankita Purohit

How to respond to insanely awkward questions asked by family?

Family reunions are great afterall who doesn’t like to spend quality time with parents, uncles, aunts and siblings. But there times when they ask you insanely awkward questions that you may find really hard to answer straight away in order to avoid useless conflicts. Not reacting at all seems OK on the surface but is a big turn off deep down. No one wants to ruin their visit that is supposed to be fun and not a struggle. The worst part is many folks don’t even realize that they are doing it wrong and creating emotional chaos.


Usually those who are closely related to you do not mind asking personal questions because they are curious about your life and want to show care towards you, but the way they ask isn’t considered decent, especially if they ask you in front of everybody. So, how would you respond to insanely awkward questions that are asked by your own family without having a literal argument, even if that offends you? Here is a list of those terrible questions asked by family members, along with the solution.

XYZ: How old are you?

You: Today I feel like a teenager. Sometimes, I feel like in my 20s. I feel like in 50s when I fall ill (With a smile).

XYZ: No, I am asking you your real age.

You: What could be my age? You guess.

They will probably guess some age considering that they are quite decent enough to speak that number that wouldn’t hurt you. Your next response would be to speak in the way that would be something like “Yeah you are very much close.” even if that person speaks that magnitude that is far from your actual age’s reach.

XYZ: What’s your salary?

You: I make enough to pay miscellaneous monthly bills and have some fun in additional.

After replying this way, chances are you will be loaded with similar questions like “How much rent do you pay?”. Reply this way “My rent is way too less than Ambani’s house’s electricity bill. You know bills kinda ruin us common persons’ life!”, and then laugh. The next topic would be of growing large amount of bills and taxes, and not about You.

XYZ: Why are you still single?

You: I guess because I haven’t catch “The One” yet.

The above question if asked by an elder one, probably elder sibling, uncle or aunt, ask them yourself how did they manage to meet each other, how did it end up in wedding, and they will start their story. People usually like to talk about themselves so use it for your own benefits.

How to react to stupid questions/

XYZ: Is that the same boyfriend you introduced to us two years back?

That sounds really awkward if you had a break up with your previous boyfriend. In such a case, you may simply say that “We broke up because we had different priorities. He (The current one) and I are doing really great! How many boyfriends/girlfriends you had before you married my uncle/aunt, I am really curious to know.”. The trick of asking the question to the same person almost every time works. Continue the conversation with whatever reply you get.

XYZ: You are married for like 4 years. When am I going to hear the good news?

You: Soon after certain priorities are set.

They will definitely ask you when those priorities will be done and will give you useless advices of your growing age and all. Tell them “Soon!” with a smile.

XYZ: Are you virgin (still)?

This is really awkward question and the questioning person doesn’t deserve a reply. Try acting like you didn’t hear that. Indulge yourself with someone else’s conversation. If you find everyone heard that and there is an awkward silence change the topic or wave you hands to someone else (known person) and leave that place saying “Excuse me!”.

Are you a virgin?

Sometimes the questions never end if you encounter really annoying and sadistic person who spends more time in poking others. In that case you need to be strict in your reply if you find that playing diplomatic wouldn’t work here. You may say something like “Did you just ask me that?”, “Why would you ask me that?”, “Do you even realize how rude you sound?”, “I do not reply to each and every question asked. I have my own personal space.”, “I can discuss that matter with someone who is closer to me or mature enough to understand that.”.

Now you understood how to react? Best of luck for your next family reunion and handle those insanely awkward questions with confidence. Never hesitate to raise your point if you think is right. Only some amount of practice and experience will make you go through this but you have to take an initiative. If you keep on tolerating that these people wouldn’t stop. If you are really not confident while facing an extremely dominant person, better to ignore him/her completely as if they do not exist at all. Do not look at them or reply to them and make them realize that you don’t like their attitude. If they ask you on your face or speak behind your back that you are not behaving appropriately, simply say that you respect yourself and will respond only if they change their behavior. It is not compulsory to talk with every living person on earth just for the sake of people’s judgmental habit or your own self image.

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