Is light complexion necessary for achieving something in life for women?

We see many advertisements on newspapers, television, etc. that tend to sell their fairness products both for men and women. Right? How many of them have actually see the results? Hardly any. Then why so much obsession with the light skin tone?

the myth complexion discrimination

One of my uncle’s daughters has a dark complexion and since childhood I always saw her parents uselessly scolding her if she tried to go under the sun. She was always reminded of her skin tone during every festival or any other occasion to put a layer of make-up on her face so as to look similar as other girls would look. She was pressurized of putting a face powder while meeting new people or while getting ready for attending marriage, that looked gross! She consistently was made to wash her face frequently throughout the day. The result of which she made a habit of wearing make-up without which she currently never steps outside and does not feel comfortable if nothing is applied on her face! There used to be a thick layer of foundation to make her skin tone comparatively lighter so that someone notices her and she gets married to a good guy. Now the situation is she is made believed that lighter skin tone is more appealing. Whose fault is that in such a case? Her own parents who could not accept their daughter the way she is!

There was a time when the Britishers wouldn’t allow non-white people (or specifically speaking those of not their own race, or dirty people!) participate in any of the activities they themselves used to enjoy because of their racist mindset, or even worse no such activity that had opportunities of having every person of every race walk, talk or travel altogether. But here I am talking about the era that covers 1800s and 1900s. The Britishers left our country but we still possess their certain habits.

dark complexion problems

Whenever a child, especially a girl, is born, their complexion is looked down upon if they have Wheaties or even darker complexion. The family members will often say that why she is so dark, or whose DNA she has adapted, or is she ever going to become fair. This is because people still believe that they are not going to find a nice groom ever! If we focus on the ads that we see on the T.V. you will notice that it shows exactly what is wrong with the current society. For instance, apply so and so creams and get two – four tones lighter skin, and achieve something better in life! If this wasn’t enough to continue such madness, something more gross concept has now emerged – Fairness meter! Apply the product and compare the skin every week with a strip of different color and notice the difference with time. This is impractical. It is not your skin decides what level of achievement you are ever going to accomplish. Being yourself confident enough in your own skin is what all matters.

Everybody has some level of melanin in their skin. Those who are darker have more melanin and those who have light complexion have less melanin content. If someone gets exposed under the sun the melanin is released in more amount to protect the skin against harmful rays. This prevents forming dangerous diseases like skin cancer. White people cannot form melanin and hence their skin burns whereas the blacks never experience sun-burn. As far as Indians are concerned, we are brown race people and one cannot help with their own complexion but accept this fact. If we compare ourselves with those of white race, I would consider it as pure stupidity.

You are born to a specific race and it is your DNA that decides how you are going to look. If a fairness cream lightens your complexion to an entirely different race, don’t you think that could also change an African’s complexion as well? But practically it is not so. And moreover, blacks are comfortable in their own skin even if their skin tone also varies from person to person. This is not so happening with the Dravadian brown race people who reside in South Asia.

light discriminatiion

Countries like United States of America has already banned the sales of fairness creams. This must be followed in all the countries in the world. This only can change a common mindset that rules most people. If those women having light complexion are the only ones who are able to achieve something greater in life then why would Nina Davuluri (basically of Indian origin) won the crown of Miss America in 2013? Because it is the confidence that you carry with you. People prefer confident women and practically no one likes an insecure fair complexioned lady who gets conscious every now and then. She is not the only example I am talking about. Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of famous Indian sitar player Pandit Ravi Shankar, is also an active sitar player and composer. Oprah Winfrey is the famous American talk show host, producer, actress, media proprietor and philanthropist, who is the only multi-billionaire black person in North America.

You see your complexion does not matter at all. You just need to make a mindset in your head that there is nothing wrong within you. If you notice your family members are somehow making fun of you behind your back, start ignoring them. Ignore every comment that you hear on daily basis. It defines those people and not You!

As for the commercials, these are just to earn profits and nothing else. You wouldn’t believe me if I say that many foreigners who have white skin complexion prefer having darker skin tone that they don’t have so they go for artificial spraying over their skin to get whatever they desire. Humans beings are never satisfied with what they get, isn’t it? As far as others are concerned they are always ready to point out something against you, whose opinions don’t matter. Are they?

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