By Ankita Purohit

Laughter Therapy to Relieve Stress and Physical Pain

Who doesn’t want to laugh? Everyone does! But what exactly make us this dull since the moment we grow up? The thing is by the time we enter the adulthood, we are ‘supposed’ to stay serious about life and its coming future. There comes a point when we literally don’t feel humor in anything even there are plenty of reasons to smile and laugh about. We all are too involved in our accomplishments right after reaching the teenage group and as adults we become self-centered mean individuals. By the term ‘mean’ I want to convey that everyone has a different degree of egotistical attitude towards one another, to which I certainly don’t blame the person, instead his/her life based situations, through which (s)he has perceived till date.

 The best quotes about lsaughter

Laughter is a blessing that every human learns post few days after birth. It obviously doesn’t need practice or someone else intervention unless you lose an entire perception towards positivity. Our viewpoints play a huge role in how we behave. There is a reason why doctors, physiotherapists, meditators, spiritual leaders all recommend positive thinking. Laughter therapy is one of the Yoga techniques that has been in practice since ancient times and has got a huge round applauds overseas.


The renowned medical centers are serious on this matter and are taking measures of this powerful remedy to make the healing faster for those patients who suffer life-threatening chronic illnesses. This is the reason why some cancer centers have the facility of laughter therapy rooms in which one needs to initiate faking it till he/she actually achieves it. It is a contagious process. The moment a person laughs, another person laughs as well and so the whole group in general. The results are positive beyond researchers’ expectations.

Once you start laughing upon your life’s struggles ‘genuinely’ you will feel as if you have no longer interest in passing baseless judgements on others, negatively gossiping, etc. I do not imply to introduce laughter therapy to only those who face physical and/or mental battles on daily basis; but also to those who want to stay positive forever.


Now do not get me wrong on this. Some people are involved into complex political activities to the extent that they remain happy till others are undergoing terrible circumstances OR while bullying fellow members. This isn’t laughter. This is insecurity deep down your subconscious mind. I am talking about the real laugh that you get through humorous surroundings, near the aura of happy and contented people. Laughter releases the Endorphin ‘happy’ hormones that are also known to be body’s natural response towards both physical and mental pain. People forget about their current circumstances while they laugh. And there are many benefits associated to laughing as well such as – lowered blood pressure, refreshed heart health, improved respiratory function, better immunity, better sleep, relaxed mind, improved digestion and change in the overall attitude towards life circumstances, surroundings and people. Believe it or not being positive DOES help in healing disease, even cancer if it hasn’t reached its final stage. Once you start taking things lightly whether your illness gets entirely cured or not, you will definitely get better with time and most importantly feel the mental burden off your shoulders that you carried for so many years.

Laughter and its benefits on health

So, do not let this blessing clogged, instead go for the methods that would make you feel lighter and contented. Gather yourself with happy people who talk about something not associated with bitching behind anyone’s back but welcome more out-of-context topics or share healthy laughter much as possible. You may also watch comedy movies or TV series to balance your mind. Do not let yourself stay alone if you are going through hard times since stressed or depressed people tend to think unproductive stuffs or worry more often about impractical situations. This does not imply stopping all your responsibilities. This simply mean that do your job but do not take too much of worries else you won’t achieve anything but pure miseries. Our attitude shapes up the structure of our future. That’s all!


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