Natural remedies for cold

Getting cold is depressing since it blocks the nostrils, creates headache, induces weakness, makes the eyes watery and the person sneezy all the time. This usually is accompanied by itchy eyes, sore throat, cough, runny nose and body aches. It is a communicable disease and so a person doesn’t go to workplace, school or college to prevent others from getting it. The medicines prescribed by doctor may or may not work right at the moment, but if DIY natural remedies for cold are tried, the person is sure going to get relief. The natural remedies do not create side effects as allopathic medicines do, so for those who prefer safe game, these home remedies are a must try. Most work very well for adults as well as children and teens.

1. Drink warm liquids – Prefer warm liquids like herbal tea, soups, vegetable juices, and even water to avoid congestion inside. The warm water must be drank as much as possible throughout the day. If you do not want to drink warm water, prefer the room temperature. Rest of the liquids must be warm. Add ginger, black pepper, turmeric, etc. to everything you cook at home. If you are weak enough not to cook by yourself instruct someone else to add these spices.

warm liquids for cold

2. Take steam – Steams are of great help to clear the clogging inside the nose. Use steamer if you have or alternatively boil the water in a container and after it’s done keep your head right above it. If you put a few amount of Vicks vapourub or anything similar, the effects would be more better. Make sure you don’t burn your nose by keeping your head very close to the container.

Steam as natural remedy for cold

3. Blow the nose – To avoid blockage as much as possible blow your nose throughout the day. If done in a right way it will surely help clearing the nasal passage for a while till the issue passes after a few days. If you put on too much pressure you will end up in getting sinus infection or an ear ache. Press one nostril at a time and allow other to clear its mucus. Repeat the same procedure for the opposite one. Use tissues or handkerchief for wiping it.

4. Do gargles – Gargles help in providing relief from sore or scratchy throat. Warm the water in a container and add half teaspoon of salt to it. The quantity of water must be about 8 ounce. Avoid overheating it else it would be impossible to take that water into the mouth. Use this water for gargling.

Nasal congestion home remedy

5. Use hot packs – Buy this from a chemist which are reusable or make your own following DIY methods. The simplest one is damping a wash cloth and heating in the microwave for 30 seconds. Check the temperature and place it on the sinus area for relief.

6. Use extra pillow – While sleeping the blockage of nose doesn’t allow a person to breathe and sleep peacefully. In such a case, use additional pillow to allow a proper slope at the head region. This in turn will help you breathing.

One may use any one or more of these natural remedies for cold along with prescribed medicines as well since allopathic treatment will show its effects after two to three days but a person feel helpless right at the current moment when he/she requires instant comfort. Above natural remedies for cold are effective and are proven since ages.

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