By Gargi Gill

Natural remedies for weight loss

Weight gain is a big cause of concern around the world. Even children are not spared. The reason behind this is the fast and unhealthy lifestyle that today’s people lead. There is little to no physical work and most workplaces require sitting in front of computers. Children too are fond of laptops and video games. Most women are working and so they get tired at the end of the day, the result of which they depend on tinned and canned foods, which are not healthy. Most food sector firms assure their consumers selling “natural”, “organic” and “healthy” foods but it is far from the truth. It is not just about the looks. It has much to do with the overall health as well.

The best natural way to loose weight

Nowadays people are more into other habits too such as consuming alcohol, caffeine, smoking, doing drugs because of the high stress level that they are unable to handle. These things no doubt give temporary relief but are not good for long run. The food products available in the market contain high amounts of sugar and salt.

People often complain that they are stuck at their workplace for long hours and do not get the time to exercise because of reduced amount of sleep. This results in stressful and tired physical and mental state. This in turn brings to more unhealthy stuff, smoking and drinking. It is certainly a never ending loop. Many of you know what must be done but fail to do that. Why? It is because with years of eating junk foods there develops a heavy craving of having them only. So, even if someone plans to eat anything healthy they are unable to stick with it for more than a week. Every nearby shop contains everything you like and not having them creates more mental pressure. One must be dedicated towards his or her goals then only results would be achieved.

Obesity brings diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, fatty liver disease (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), heart disease, etc. Therefore, fighting against it is a must, else you may end up with one or more deadly disease(s). Following are the natural remedies for weight loss that if followed with passion will definitely bring long term benefits.

1. Green tea: Start your day with organic green tea with lemon juice added. It has excellent stress relieving property plus boost of antioxidants. This means that you will not have to deal with early aging soon. Additionally it keeps the body’s metabolism up and so elevates the weight loss.

Green tea for Weight loss

2. Avocados: Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are the healthy fats and make the person feel full for long time. These also contain antioxidants. Do not get confused with the term “fat” because the type of fats contained in the market products are the complex ones and do not get digested easily. On the other hand, fats found in avocado are easily absorbed. You are free to have half avocado on daily basis as part of your lunch meal.

Avocados for Weightloss

3. Citrus fruits and juices: First of all keep this in mind that never go for bottled juices. Always prepare the fresh ones at home. Those who want to lose excessive weight need loads of vitamins. Carbohydrates and fats are in limited quantity which are sufficient since the physical exertion isn’t there. Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, etc. are ideal citrus fruits. Always remember that eating fruits as a whole is much more better than consuming their juices because additionally one gets the benefit of fiber which is necessary for good digestion.

Natural way to loose weight - Citrus fruits

4. Apples: Everyone is familiar with the quotation “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is because those who have them do not get ill easily. Their digestion works properly. Apples have adequate dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. While being on a strict diet one must make sure that their body gets rid of toxic elements. This is achieved only if your excretory system works properly. Apples assure that too. Whenever you feel hungry anytime in a day, simply consume an apple since it doesn’t harm if you eat even many of them.

Natural Weight loss remedy - Apples

5. Exercise: Many market products seem attractive because the makers claim that their products do not require exercise and you are free to eat anything you want. This is not true at all. If you want to lose weight disciplined life is a must, and exercise needs to be done. Work out like cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics, running, etc. are ideal. Choose that kind of work out that interests you.

The best exercises for weightloss

Many people complain that they do not get the results because they want sooner outcomes. If you think that you will eat high calories, exercise regularly and still you will lose weight, you think entirely wrong. Your eating habits matter a lot. Also do not get too much obsessed with checking on your weight like after every one or two days. Make a fix time at every week to check for the body weight. Do not get too depressed if you don’t get the results initially since the body tends to take time to adjust with the new regime. It will take about 2 to 3 weeks then you will get to see the changes. Everyone’s body is different and so the weight loss also occurs differently. Some people lose 4 pounds a week, others just 1 pound. Know your body well what suits it best. Things that suit some other individual doesn’t mean that that would suit you as well. Some people can adjust having liquid diet during breakfast or dinner, some get loose motions having that kind of diet! Listening to numerous advices will lead to confusion. So, it is better if you talk with your professional dietitian. It is very important to keep your health in mind else you might end up being weak and vulnerable to various diseases. Your eating habits must be according to your current status of health and only a certified professional knows better.

Last but not the least, while being on a diet you will get bothered by so many issues and people will force you having “just one” bite of something that isn’t healthy. Having that once a month is OK if you consume that in limited amount but do not take the over-dosage of anything. Your consistent denial to regular snacks might sound rude to your friends but after all it is your health and only you are going to get the benefits if you are strict for a while.

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